Synthesis of pyridine iodine monochloride

Preparation of pyridine iodine monochloride

To a stirred solution of 45 ml. of pyridine in 1 liter of was added 250 ml. of 2M potassium iododichloride. A cream colored solid separated, the pH of the mixture is adjusted to 5 with pyridine and the solid collected, washed with water and air-dried, 117 g. (97%), m.p. 130-133 ºC. Pyridine iodine monochloride is purified by crystallization from 700 ml. of benzene yielding  87 g. of light yellow solid, m.p. 135-136 ºC.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1956, 78 (13), pp 3210–3216



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6443-90-9, Pyridine iodine monochloride, Chloroiodane pyridine, Pyridine Iodochloride, pyridine iodine chloride, SCHEMBL7922453, Pyridine-iodine chloride complex, DTXSID90436930, SYWWBJKPSYWUBN-UHFFFAOYSA-N, IODINE MONOCHLORIDE; PYRIDINE, PYRIDINEIODINEMONOCHLORIDECOMPLEX, HE026520, PYRIDINE IODINE MONOCHLORIDE COMPLEX, P2086

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MolPort-008-267-237, CID10220417, CID 10220417, H032

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