Synthesis of propargyl bromide

Preparation  of propargyl bromide

Preparation of propargyl bromide

Preparation of propargyl bromide

378 g of phosphorus tribromide containing a little (2 ml) pyridine is dropped, with stirring, into a mixture of 224 g of anhydrous propargyl alcohol and 48 g of anhydrous pyridine at 0° C, then the mixture is heated for an hour on a water-bath. The propargyl bromide is distilled off (b.p. 84° C) onto dry potassium carbonate and after some time is redistilled yielding 59% of propargyl bromide (b.p. 84° C).

Arch. Pharm., 290/62, 124 (1957).





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propargyl bromide

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PROPARGYL BROMIDE, 3-Bromopropyne, 3-Bromo-1-propyne, 106-96-7, 1-Propyne, 3-bromo-, 2-Propynyl bromide, Propynyl bromide, 3-bromoprop-1-yne, 1-Bromo-2-propyne, Propyne, 3-bromo-, Gamma-bromoallylene, g-bromoallylene, propargylbromide, 3-bromo-propyne, 1-Brom-2-propin, .gamma.-Bromoallylene, 3-bromo-prop-1-yne, Caswell No. 705, NSC 8801, 1-Brom-2-propin [Czech], HSDB 6324, YORCIIVHUBAYBQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 203-447-1, SBB068334, UN2345, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 068701, BRN 0605309, AI3-26597, Propargyl bromide solution, Bromopropyne, 3-bromopropyn, propargyl bromine, Progargyl bromide, 3-bromo propyne, 1-Brom-2-propie, 1-bromoprop-2-yne, prop-2-ynyl bromide, 1-Propyne,3-bromo-, PubChem20264, 2-propyn-1-yl bromide, AC1L1POC, UNII-F3H7ZXK9ZU, F3H7ZXK9ZU, SCHEMBL847, AC1Q27CV, AC1Q27CW, WLN: E2UU1, P51001_ALDRICH, KSC492E7R, 530409_ALDRICH, AMOT0240, Jsp000617, CTK3J2278, CURPLYX DRS_002844, YORCIIVHUBAYBQ-UHFFFAOYSA-, NSC8801, ATTERCOP-CHM AT113255, MolPort-001-757-234, ACT00929, EBD24115, NSC-8801, STR00180, ZINC1648237, ANW-15466, AR-1J1159, MFCD00000241, RW2065, 1-Bromo-2-propyne Gamma-bromoallylene, AKOS000121563, AM85466, MCULE-7634822695, RP19328, RTR-031883, BC004515, BP-21498, KB-59970, OR034458, SC-11743, LS-125776, Propargyl bromide, 80% solution in toluene, TR-031883, FT-0615128, P0484, P1272, 3-Bromopropyne [UN2345] [Flammable liquid], InChI=1/C3H3Br/c1-2-3-4/h1H,3H2, 3-Bromopropyne [UN2345] [Flammable liquid], 4-01-00-00964 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 3B4-1457, I14-6181

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CID7842, UN 2345, 108158-20-9

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