Synthesis of phthaloyl dichloride

Preparation of phthaloyl dichloride

Preparation of phthaloyl dichloride

Preparation of phthaloyl dichloride

Phthalic anhydride (1 mole sublimed) and pure phosphorus pentachloride (1.06 moles) are heated in a 500-ml round-bottomed flask fitted with a reflux condenser and a calcium chloride tube and placed in an oil-bath at 150° C. After 12 hours the reflux condenser is replaced by a downward water-condenser and the bath-temperature is raised gradually to 250°C. Most of the phosphorus oxychloride formed distils off. The residual crude phthaloyl dichloride, when distilled, has b.p. 131-133° C/10mm, the yield being 92%. The product contains a little phthalic anhydride.

J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 69, 2581 (1947)


benzene-1,2-dicarbonyl chloride



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1,2-phthaloyl dichloride, o-phthaloyl dichloride

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Phthaloyl dichloride, PHTHALOYL CHLORIDE, 88-95-9, Phthalic chloride, Phthalic dichloride, Phthalyl chloride, 1,2-Benzenedicarbonyl dichloride, Phthalic acid dichloride, Phthalyl dichloride, o-Phthaloyl dichloride, benzene-1,2-dicarbonyl chloride, 1,2-Bis(chlorocarbonyl)benzene, Phthaloyldichloride, 1,2-Phthaloyl dichloride, NSC 44611, benzene-1,2-dicarbonyl dichloride, FYXKZNLBZKRYSS-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 201-869-0, SBB060270, Pthaloyl chloride, phthaloyl-dichloride, AC1L1NOA, SCHEMBL422, Phthaloyl chloride (8CI), ACMC-209qy0, C8H4Cl2O2, UNII-8S64APH24W, P40409_ALDRICH, KSC220S9L, 8S64APH24W, CCRIS 8625, DTXSID8038691, 79830_FLUKA, 88-95-9 phthalic acid dichloride, NSC44611, ANW-39190, MFCD00000666, NSC-44611, STL453643, TD1160, WT1610, ZINC59654810, AKOS009029113, MCULE-7523310459, RP25987, TRA0160786, AN-24157, O698, OR025239, OR362960, DB-057111, LS-171199, TR-027977, AM20041297, FT-0631423, P0405, ST51046490, A15044, A843009, I01-0410, W-100385, F1905-7003

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Terephthaloyl chloride, phthalic acid chloride, Terephthaloyl dichloride, KML 29, CID6955, MolPort-001-780-033, RTR-027977, 100-20-9, 1380424-42-9, 30247-86-0

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