Synthesis of peracetic acid

Preparation of peracetic acid

Preparation of peracetic acid

Preparation of peracetic acid

Peracetic acid is almost always used in acetic acid solution, for in pure or concentrated form peroxyacetic acid is highly explosive. Acetic acid solutions of peroxyacetic acid are obtained by mixing acetic acid or acetic anhydride with 25-90% hydrogen peroxide and then adding a little (1%) concentrated sulfuric acid as catalyst (armoured cupboard, danger of explosion). When 30% hydrogen peroxide is used the concentration of the peracid reagent obtained is less than 10%. If a stronger solution of the reagent is required, 70-90% hydrogen peroxide must be used. In the preparation of peracetic acid from acetic anhydride and hydrogen peroxide, the dangerously explosive diacetyl peroxide may become the major product if the reaction is not carried out properly.

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ethaneperoxoic acid



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Acetyl Hydroperoxide, Acid, Peracetic, Acid, Peroxyacetic, Acid, Peroxyethanoic, Desoxone 1, Desoxone-1, Desoxone1, Dialax, Peracetate, Sodium, Peracetate, Zinc, Peracetic Acid, Peracetic Acid, Sodium Salt, Peroxyacetic Acid, Peroxyethanoic Acid, Sodium Peracetate, Zinc Peracetate

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PERACETIC ACID, Peroxyacetic acid, Ethaneperoxoic acid, Estosteril, Acetic peroxide, 79-21-0, Peroxoacetic acid, Monoperacetic acid, Desoxon 1, Osbon AC, Acetyl hydroperoxide, Proxitane 4002, Ethaneperoxic acid, Hydroperoxide, acetyl, Caswell No. 644, Peracetic acid solution, Acide peracetique [French], CCRIS 686, Acide peroxyacetique [French], Acido peroxiacetico [Spanish], Kyselina peroxyoctova [Czech], CHEMBL444965, HSDB 1106, EINECS 201-186-8, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 063201, BRN 1098464, NCGC00166305-01, Peroxyacetic acid, >43% and with >6% hydrogen peroxide [Forbidden], F50, Acecide, Perasafe, Peresal, Proxitane, Tsunami, Oxypel, Ozonit, Peraclean Ocean, Perethanoic Acid, Proxitane S, Steridial P, Acide peracetique, Acido peroxiacetico, Peroxy acetic acid, Proxitane 12A, Proxitane 15, Agrosteril 110, Acide peroxyacetique, Acecide (TN), Kyselina peroxyoctova, Oxigreen 010, Percidin 535, Proxitane 1507, LCAP, Tsunami 100, ACMC-20egd0, AC1L1MUV, AC1Q1LDA, UNII-I6KPI2E1HD, CH3C(O)OOH, DSSTox_CID_5853, I6KPI2E1HD, DSSTox_RID_77948, DSSTox_GSID_25853, 433241_ALDRICH, DTXSID1025853, CTK2H7553, KFSLWBXXFJQRDL-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 269336_SIAL, 433241_SIAL, Tox21_112402, BDBM50266095, ZINC38141555, 64057-57-4 (hydrochloride salt), AKOS015837803, LS-1775, CAS-79-21-0, AN-23983, OR000155, OR263406, OR342056, SC-46796, AB1008220, KB-302494, TR-025229, 747-EP2272817A1, 747-EP2272822A1, 747-EP2284148A1, 747-EP2284161A1, 747-EP2287147A2, 747-EP2287160A1, 747-EP2298755A1, 747-EP2301934A1, 747-EP2305662A1, 747-EP2311811A1, 747-EP2311814A1, 747-EP2311842A2, FT-0655824, D03467, 4-02-00-00390 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), I14-7873, Peroxyacetic acid, >43% and with >6% hydrogen peroxide, Peracetic Acid (ca.35wt.% sol. in diluted acetic acid, stabilized)Discontinued, 232259-02-8, 89370-71-8

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CH3COO2, CID6585, MolPort-001-790-244, RTR-025229, PAA, 64057-57-4

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