Synthesis of oxalyl bromide

Preparation of oxalyl bromide

Preparation of oxalyl bromide

Preparation of oxalyl bromide

Oxalyl bromide is obtained by passing hydrogen bromide (8 moles per mole of oxalyl chloride) into 100g of pure oxalyl chloride for about 12 hours and, after a further 6 hours, fractionating the mixture and collecting the fraction boiling at 102-103°C/720 mm. The yield of oxalyl bromide is 85%. The discoloration due to bromine is removed by shaking with mercury.

H. Staudinger, F. Anthes, Ber. Deut. Chem. Ges., 46, 1431 (1913)


oxalyl dibromide



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Oxalyl bromide, Ethanedioyl dibromide, Ethanedioyl bromide, 15219-34-8, oxalyl dibromide, Oxalyl bromide solution, NSC 96957, oxalic dibromide, BrCOCOBr, AC1L38AM, AC1Q23YE, Ethanedioyl dibromide solution, SCHEMBL186868, 113034_ALDRICH, 323233_ALDRICH, DTXSID9065869, CTK0H8871, JAZLVNXWYDFQFE-UHFFFAOYSA-N, NSC96957, EINECS 239-271-7, AR-1I7436, MFCD00000113, NSC-96957, ZINC86034767, AKOS015901745, VZ36728, OR013480, 78693-EP2305667A2, Q-201524, I14-13947

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CID84841, 1546-11-8

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