Synthesis of vinyl chloride

Preparation of vinyl chloride

Alternative Names: Chloroethylene; Chloroethene; Ethene, chloro-; Monochloroethene; Monochloroethylene;

Preparation of vinyl chloride

Preparation of vinyl chloride

With mercury(II) chloride on silica gel at 25° C and streaming velocities of 1.5 l/hour for acetylene and 2.2 l/hour for hydrogen chloride there are formed 93% of vinyl chloride with less than 3% of 1,1-dichloroethane, and at 195° C 98% and 1 % respectively.

Preparative Organic Chemistry, by Weygand/Hilgetag, 131, (1972).

Vinyl chloride and vinyl bromide can also be obtained in the liquid phase: acetylene is led with stirring at 65-70° C through a mixture of copper(I) chloride (250 g), ammonium chloride (100 g), and 15% hydrochloric acid (300 ml) or at 60° C through a solution of copper(I) bromide in aqueous hydrobromic acid in case of vinyl bromide.

Zh. Prikl. Khim., B, IN, 116 (1937); Chem. Abstr., 31, 4263 (1937).





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Chloride, Vinyl, Chloroethylene, Vinyl Chloride

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Chloroethylene, VINYL CHLORIDE, Chloroethene, Ethene, chloro-, Monochloroethene, Monochloroethylene, Chlorethylene, Vinylchloride, Ethylene monochloride, Ethylene, chloro-, Chlorethene, Vinylchlorid, Trovidur, Vinyl chloride monomer, Vinyl C monomer, Monovinyl chloride, Chlorure de vinyle, 75-01-4, Vinyl chlorine, Winylu chlorek, POLYVINYL CHLORIDE, Cloruro di vinile, RCRA waste number U043, Vinyle(chlorure de), Poly(vinyl chloride), VC, Polyvinylchloride latex, Vinylchlorid [German], Winylu chlorek [Polish], RCRA waste no. U043, UN 1086, chloroethyl, UNII-WD06X94M2D, Vinyl chloride Chloroethylene, Chlorure de vinyle [French], Cloruro di vinile [Italian], CCRIS 621, Vinyle(chlorure de) [French], HSDB 169, Vinile (cloruro di) [Italian], 1-Chlorethyl, CHEBI:28509, BZHJMEDXRYGGRV-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 200-831-0, UN1086, VCM, BRN 1731576, 9002-86-2, Poly(vinyl chloride) carboxylated, Vinyl chloride, inhibited or Vinyl chloride stabilized [UN1086], Poly(vinyl chloride-co-acrylic acid), Chloroethylene polymer, cloroetileno, Armodour, Bakelite, Boltaron, Dacovin, Dynadur, Genotherm, Hostalit, Flocor, Polyvinylchloride, cloruro de vinilo, Vinyl C, Resinite 90, 1-Chloroethylene #, Ekavyl SD 2, Vinile (cloruro di), Darvic 110, Halvic 223, VINYL-CHLORIDE, Chloroethylene, polymer, Chloroethene homopolymer, Corvic 55/9, Polyvinyl chloride resin, C2H3Cl, Exon 605, Aron TS 700, Expanded polyvinyl chloride, AC1L1MB3, Ethylene, chloro-, polymer, Atactic poly(vinyl chloride), GEON 51, CCRIS 634, 81387_ALDRICH, 81388_ALDRICH, 182621_ALDRICH, 189553_ALDRICH, 189588_ALDRICH, 346764_ALDRICH, 346772_ALDRICH, 387622_ALDRICH, 389293_ALDRICH, 389323_ALDRICH, WD06X94M2D, CHEMBL2311071, 81387_FLUKA, 81388_FLUKA, 81392_FLUKA, 81395_FLUKA, 81424_FLUKA, 81428_FLUKA, 81429_FLUKA, 81431_FLUKA, CTK2H8187, HSDB 1213, 182621_FLUKA, MolPort-003-927-325, 101EP, LTBB001115, AKOS015916049, Chloroethylene homopolymerise [French], FC 4648, LS-1651, LS-2301, MCULE-9678046268, AN-23832, InChI=1/C2H3Cl/c1-2-3/h2H,1H, OR000123, TR-024190, 1032X, FT-0606106, FT-0693147, C06793, C19508, 15558-EP2270113A1, 15558-EP2272817A1, 15558-EP2272849A1, 15558-EP2272935A1, 15558-EP2275417A2, 15558-EP2277945A1, 15558-EP2284146A2, 15558-EP2284147A2, 15558-EP2284162A2, 15558-EP2284163A2, 15558-EP2287141A1, 15558-EP2287155A1, 15558-EP2289896A1, 15558-EP2295414A1, 15558-EP2295438A1, 15558-EP2305683A1, 15558-EP2309505A1, 15558-EP2311839A1, 15558-EP2314589A1, 15558-EP2316837A1, 15558-EP2371831A1, 15558-EP2374786A1, 20585-EP2287159A1, 20585-EP2295406A1, 20585-EP2301934A1, 20585-EP2314585A1, 23285-EP2305808A1, 23285-EP2314584A1, 77629-EP2272846A1, 77629-EP2277868A1, 77629-EP2277869A1, 77629-EP2277870A1, 77629-EP2308866A1, 78040-EP2272846A1, 78040-EP2275422A1, 78040-EP2277868A1, 78040-EP2277869A1, 78040-EP2277870A1, 78040-EP2292608A1, 78040-EP2298076A1, 78040-EP2298077A1, 78040-EP2301353A1, 78040-EP2305031A1, 78040-EP2305034A1, 78040-EP2305035A1, 78040-EP2308866A1, 78040-EP2374791A1, 80163-EP2272516A2, 80163-EP2272517A1, 80163-EP2272841A1, 80163-EP2292596A2, 80163-EP2295434A2, 80163-EP2301929A1, 80163-EP2301935A1, 80163-EP2305250A1, 80163-EP2305674A1, 80163-EP2305684A1, 4-01-00-00700 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 3B4-2652, I14-54164, vinyl chloride pressure tin with 250 ml ~225 G net, Vinyl chloride, inhibited or Vinyl chloride stabilized, L 5, U 1

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Vinylite, Viaflex, Carina, Ultron, Geon, Chloride, Vinyl, Polychloroethylene, Chloride, Polyvinyl, Vinyl Chloride Polymer, Polymer, Chloroethylene, Polymer, Vinyl Chloride, Chloroethylene Homopolymer, Ethene, chloro-, homopolymer, Homopolymer, Chloroethylene, CID6338, c0358, D011143, D014752, PVC, 25702-80-1

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