Synthesis of tin

Preparation of elemental tin

Tin could be prepared by reduction stannic oxide with potasium cyanide.

Preparation of tin

Preparation of tin

Twenty grams of finely powdered stannic oxide and an equal weight of potassium cyanide (mixed in a mortar) are heated in a crucible over a Meker burner for about one-half hour. The button of tin is cooled, washed with 25 ml of water, and this extract is reserved. The metal is rinsed thoroughly with hot water. Some samples of ore are not readily reduced. Yield 12-15 g. The 25 ml water extract contains potassium cyanate which may be isolated by mixing with 50 ml of 95% alcohol and filtering.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 5, 1962





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Stannum, Tin

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TIN, stannum, Metallic tin, 7440-31-5, tin hydride, Wang, Zinn, Tin powder, Tin flake, Tin, elemental, Tin, metal, Silver matt powder, Zinn [German], CI Pigment metal 5, Tin, organic compounds, tin(0), UNII-387GMG9FH5, HSDB 5035, Tin, inorganic compounds (as Sn), EINECS 231-141-8, CI 77860, Tin, inorganic compounds (except oxides), Tin(II) chloride solution, 2406-52-2, estano, Etain, Tin granular, Tin standard for AAS, Tin standard for ICP, ACMC-1BLMQ, AC1NS2BH, Tin, Powder 100 Mesh, 50Sn, Tin and inorganic compounds, KSC141I4L, 14507_ALDRICH, 14509_ALDRICH, 14511_ALDRICH, Sn(0), 14507_RIEDEL, 14509_RIEDEL, 14511_RIEDEL, 204692_ALDRICH, 207594_ALDRICH, 217697_ALDRICH, 265632_ALDRICH, 265640_ALDRICH, 265659_ALDRICH, 265756_ALDRICH, 356948_ALDRICH, 356956_ALDRICH, 387GMG9FH5, 520373_ALDRICH, 576883_ALDRICH, 02762_FLUKA, 17065_FLUKA, 96524_FLUKA, CHEBI:27007, CHEBI:32990, CTK0E1445, ATJFFYVFTNAWJD-UHFFFAOYSA-N, KXCAEQNNTZANTK-UHFFFAOYSA-N, MolPort-001-756-353, MolPort-029-945-758, LTBB002483, 243434_SIAL, 265667_SIAL, TIN, METAL, 99.999%, AKOS005259070, RP19326, RTR-024037, Tin atomic absorption standard solution, TIN, 99.999%, LS-153833, TR-024037, 3B4-2147, I14-94567, Tin atomic spectroscopy standard concentrate 1.00 g Sn, 191744-28-2, Snn

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Stannane, Tin tetrahydride, Tin, isotope of mass 121, c0585, CID5352426, D014001, SN

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