Synthesis of tetravinyltin

Preparation  of tetravinyltin

Preparation of tetravinyltin

Preparation of tetravinyltin

A solution of 0.5 mol of vinyl magnesium bromide in 250 ml of tetrahydrofuran is warmed to 30° C (partial dissolution of the salt) and a mixture of 0.1 0 mol (26 g) of tin tetrachloride and 30 ml of benzene is added dropwise over 15 min, while keeping the temperature of the mixture close to 40° C. The insoluble SnCl4 · THF complex, which is initially formed, dissolves rapidly. After the addition, stirring at 40° C is continued for another half hour, then the solution is cooled to room temperature and the mixture is poured into a cold (0° C) solution of 100 g of ammonium chloride in 500 ml of water. After separation, the aqueous layer is extracted three times with small portions of pentane. The combined organic solutions are dried over magnesium sulfate, and subsequently the greater part of the solvents is distilled off at normal pressure through a 40 cm Vigreux column, keeping the bath temperature below 100° C. Careful distillation of the remaining liquid gives tetravinyltin, b. p. 45° C/12 mm, nD 1.5007, in 92 % yield.

Preparative Polar Organometallic Chemistry; Vol 1; by L. Brandsma, H. D. Verkruijsse; Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg; 49; 1987





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Tetravinyltin, Tetravinylstannane, Stannane, tetraethenyl-, 1112-56-7, tetraethenylstannane, Stannane, tetravinyl-, MZIYQMVHASXABC-UHFFFAOYSA-N, tetravinyl tin, Tin tetravinyl, tetrakis(ethenyl)stannane, ACMC-1BON0, C8H12Sn, AC1L24TN, Sn(CH=CH2)4, TETRAVINYL TIN,95%, 328669_ALDRICH, CTK0H6018, MolPort-003-930-142, EINECS 214-193-6, AKOS015904490, ZINC169743174, AN-48517, OR013599, OR201532, SC-48039, AI3-28447, DB-009845, TC-164973, FT-0082259, FT-0650644, X2148, I14-17355, 3B3-034078

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