Synthesis of sulfur monochloride

Preparation of sulfur monochloride

By direct chlorination of sulfur – sulfur monochloride is obtained. Further chlorination leads to sulfur dichloride.

Preparation of sulfur monochloride

Preparation of sulfur monochloride

All apparatus and sulfur must be completely dry. Pulverized sulfur poured into the glass tube. One end of the glass tube is connected the to chlorine inlet. Chlorine before reaction is dried by passing it through concentrated sulfuric acid. The another end of the tube is connected to sulfur monochloride collection flask, which is cooled with salt-ice mixture. Excess of chlorine gas is adsorbed with sodium carbonate solution.

Preparation of sulfur monochloride

Preparation of sulfur monochloride

The tube is filled with chlorine and sulfur is melted and kept at 120-130° C. Sulfur does not evaporate at that temperature meanwhile sulfur monochloride collects to the cooled collection flask. During the reaction chlorine gas is passed with constant rate and sulfur is used with excess. After synthesis sulfur monochloride has sulfur and chlorine impurities. It can be purified by distillation and collecting fraction with boiling point of 138 ° C. From fraction with boiling point less than 130 ° C some of sulfur monochloride could be obtained be repeated distillation. Sulfur monochloride is golden-yellow, oily liquid; when less pure, orange to reddish because of sulfur dichloride impurities; fumes in moist air, unpleasant pungent odor. M.p. —77°C, b.p. (760 mm.) +138°C; d (20°C) 1.6773. Hydrolyzes with water to form hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide; these then convert to S, H2S2O3 and H2SnO6. Readily soluble in carbon sulfide.

Handbook of preparative inorganic chemistry, by G. Brauer, Vol. 1, 370-371, 1963

Preparation of sulfur monochloride is presented in the following video by Doug’s Lab.


chlorosulfanyl thiohypochlorite



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sulfur chloride, sulfur monochloride

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Disulfur dichloride, SULFUR MONOCHLORIDE, Chlorosulfane, Sulfur subchloride, Sulfur chloride (S2Cl2), Thiosulfurous dichloride, Siarki chlorek, Disulphur dichloride, Sulfur chloride (di), Siarki chlorek [Polish], chlorosulfanyl thiohypochlorite, HSDB 826, EINECS 233-036-2, 10025-67-9, dichlorodisulfane, ClSSCl, Sulfur chloride(di), Dimeric sulfenic chloride, AC1L2NOS, S2Cl2, UNII-NJ7YR2EV0D, NJ7YR2EV0D, Sulfur monochloride solution, Bis[chloridosulfur](S CS), UN 1828 (Salt/Mix), 157759_ALDRICH, PXJJSXABGXMUSU-UHFFFAOYSA-N, LTBB002594, BP-30228, LS-148158, 3B4-3841

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Sulfur chloride, Chloride of sulfur, CID24807, 12771-08-3

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