Synthesis of succinimide

Preparation of succinimide

Preparation of succinimide

Preparation of succinimide

20 g of succinic acid are dissolved in a small quantity, of water in a basin, and the solution neutralised with ammonia. The solution is boiled to expel excess of ammonia, after which a further 20 g of succinic acid dissolved in water are added. The solution is evaporated to complete dryness on a water bath; the dry residue is transferred to a retort and heated quickly with a large luminous flame. The sublimate of succinimide is recrystallised from pure acetone. Yield 70%, colourless rhombic plates; m.p. 126° C; b.p. 288° C.

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 128, 1937.





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2,5-diketopyrrolidine, succinimide, succinimide calcium salt, succinimide gold potassium salt, succinimide mercury salt, succinimide silver potassium salt, succinimide silver salt, succinimide silver salt (+2), succinimide sodium salt

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SUCCINIMIDE, 2,5-Pyrrolidinedione, 123-56-8, pyrrolidine-2,5-dione, Butanimide, Succinic acid imide, 2,5-Dioxopyrrolidine, 2,5-Diketopyrrolidine, Succinic imide, Succinimide-sauba, 3,4-Dihydropyrrolidine, 3,4-Dihydropyrrole-2,5-dione, Dihydro-3-pyrroline-2,5-dione, NSC 11204, CHEBI:9307, KZNICNPSHKQLFF-UHFFFAOYSA-N, UNII-10X90O3503, EINECS 204-635-6, azolidine-2,5-dione, Mercuric imidosuccinate, BRN 0108440, Mercury, disuccinimido-, AI3-08539, WLN: T5VMVTJ, 2, mercury(2+) salt, Succinimide, mercury(2+) salt, 2,5dioxopyrrolidine, SUCCIMIDE, Lubrizol 6406, PubChem13765, ACMC-1BRIF, AC1L1XCS, AC1Q6EIO, Succinimide pharbiol (TN), DSSTox_CID_30181, DSSTox_GSID_51629, KSC174S4P, S9381_SIGMA, Maleimide-Related Compound 13, BDBM7814, CHEMBL275661, CTK0H4947, MolPort-000-872-027, BB_SC-6814, 55047-82-0 (silver salt), 52523-57-6 (mercury salt), EBD46423, NSC11204, NSC13114, NSC38417, NSC41221, NSC49152, ZINC5133396, Tox21_303851, ANW-18137, BBL011626, NSC-11204, NSC-13114, NSC-38417, NSC-41221, NSC-49152, SBB040866, STL163344, ZINC05133396, 1-PYRROLIDINYL, 2,5-DIOXO-, 3-PYRROLIDINYL, 2,5-DIOXO-, 37912-62-2 (hydrochloride salt), 584-43-0 (mercury(+2) salt), AKOS000118776, 68527-59-3 (Au-potassium salt), MCULE-8278049979, NE10399, RL01073, RTR-003699, TRA0055528, 67893-50-9 (silver-potassium salt), NCGC00357119-01, AN-22922, BP-21153, CAS-123-56-8, HE020645, HE259236, HE260774, HE302883, HE302884, LS-147512, TR-003699, 10X90O3503, FT-0658724, S0108, ST50214456, C07273, D08532, 21180-EP2269983A1, 21180-EP2269984A1, 21180-EP2277880A1, 21180-EP2284157A1, 21180-EP2292593A2, 21180-EP2292610A1, 21180-EP2301918A1, 21180-EP2305648A1, 21180-EP2305651A1, 21180-EP2305658A1, 21180-EP2305671A1, 21180-EP2305769A2, 21180-EP2308854A1, 21180-EP2311804A2, 21180-EP2311825A1, 21180-EP2314295A1, 21180-EP2314587A1, 21180-EP2371797A1, 21180-EP2371798A1, 21180-EP2371800A1, 21180-EP2371804A1, 150414-EP2281822A1, 150414-EP2284157A1, 150414-EP2289892A1, 5-21-09-00438 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), I01-1200, 3B3-029353, 1BBF5533-77F1-4B20-96F3-0BB022C36CD3, 2,5-ssA inverted question mark(c)Ie paragraph signthornI feminine, InChI=1/C4H5NO2/c6-3-1-2-4(7)5-3/h1-2H2,(H,5,6,7, 127004-69-7, 89963-74-6, Succinic imide; Succinic acid imide; Butanimide; 2,5-Dioxopyrrolidine; 2,5-Diketopyrrolidine; 2,5-Pyrrolidinedione

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Succinimide-15N, MERCURIC SUCCINIMIDE, CID11439, H0855, 584-43-0

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