Synthesis of strontium peroxide

Preparation of strontium peroxide

Strontium peroxide is obtained from strontium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Preparation of strontium peroxide

Preparation of strontium peroxide

Five grams of anhydrous strontium nitrate (or the equivalent weight of the 4-hydrate) are dissolved in 50 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide and mixed with a solution of 7 ml of concentrated aqueous ammonia in 100 ml of water. As described under the procedure for barium peroxide the SrO2 8-hydrate is converted to the anhydrous compound by heating it at 800°C for about 4 hours in dry carbon dioxide free oxygen.  The yield of SrO2 is 2.5-3 g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 8, 1962





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STRONTIUM PEROXIDE, 1314-18-7, Strontium peroxide (Sr(O2)), Strontium dioxide, 415200_ALDRICH, HSDB 788, 1,2-dioxa-3-strontacyclopropane, CTK8G3219, EINECS 215-224-6, UN1509, Strontium peroxide [UN1509] [Oxidizer]

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