Synthesis of sodium paraperiodate

Preparation of sodium paraperiodate

Preparation of sodium paraperiodate

Preparation of sodium paraperiodate

10g of sodium iodide and 53g of sodium hydroxide are dissolved in 400ml of water. The solution is heated to 80° C and stirred continuously while 16ml of bromine are slowly added through a long-stemmed dropping funnel with the delivery spout under the surface of the hot liquid. The temperature is maintained during the reaction and the product precipitates during the oxidation. When all the bromine has been added the mixture is cooled, the product filtered by suction, and washed four times with 10ml portions of ice water. Each portion of wash water should remain in contact with the solid on the filter for at least five minutes. The product is dried in air yielding 16-18 g of sodium paraperiodate.

Metaperiodate is obtained by treating with nitric acid with stirring and cooling. The solution is filtered if necessary and evaporated on the steam bath to crystallization.

Preparation of sodium metaperiodate

Preparation of sodium metaperiodate

After cooling to 20 °C (no lower), the mixture is filtered, washed with 10ml ice water, pressed well, and dried at 100°C yielding about 10g of sodium metaperiodate.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 52-53, 1962





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Sodium paraperiodate, Sodium (para)periodate, 13940-38-0, Periodic Acid Trisodium Salt, Sodium triparaperiodate, Sodium hydrogen periodate, 71872_FLUKA, Trisodium dihydrogen orthoperiodate, 71872_SIAL, 5355AF, trisodium (dihydroxydioxidoiodosyl)olate, Periodic acid (H5IO6), trisodium salt, AN-19236, IN002427, IN010605, TRISODIUM DIHYDROXYDIOXIDOIODOSYLOLATE, FT-0697633, trisodium dihydroxy-trioxido-oxo-$l^{7}-iodane, 3B4-4105, PERIODIC ACID (H5IO6),SODIUM SALT (1:3), I14-59309

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Trisodium paraperiodate, Paraperiodic Acid Trisodium Salt, CID9796123, CID 9796123, P0077

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