Synthesis of sodium hydride

Preparation of sodium hydride

Sodium hydride is obtained by reacting metallic sodium with hydrogen.

Preparation of sodium hydride

Preparation of sodium hydride

For the preparation of sodium hydride cleaned metallic sodium, quickly placed to a steel or porcelain tray in a porcelain or hard-melted glass tube (reactor) and the air is removed from the reactor by passing hydrogen.

Preparation of sodium hydride

Preparation of sodium hydride

During the experiment, the tube is filed with hydrogen at the point where the metal tray with sodium is heated to 370° C. Hydrogen is purified by drying over phosphorus pentoxide and passing it through the melted sodium. The resulting sodium hydride condenses on the colder parts of the tube, in the form of a white plaque. When required amount of sodium hydride is formed, the hydrogen stream is still passed through the tube and the tube is allowed to cool to room temperature.  By removing the small tray, the tube is quickly protected from the decomposition, by stoppering both ends with the stoppers of the tube. Sodium hydride prepared by such method contains a small amount of metallic sodium as an impurity. The pure sodium hydride – crystalline, white material, in the atmosphere of oxygen ignites at 230 ° C.

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