Synthesis of sodium dithionite

Preparation of sodium dithionite dihydrate

Preparation of sodium dithionite dihydrate

Preparation of sodium dithionite dihydrate

10 g of zinc (a grade of at least 100 mesh should be used; zinc “dust” is not suitable because of its high content of oxide) are employed in 100ml of water. Sulfur dioxide is passed in at 0°C until all the zinc has dissolved. The reddish solution is filtered under inert atmosphere, and 75g of sodium acetate 3-hydrate are dissolved in the cold filtrate. The reaction mixture is stored in the refrigerator under nitrogen in a tightly stoppered bottle. Crystallization is aided by shaking and is complete after about 3 days. The crystalline product is filtered by suction under nitrogen and drained well. It is then washed thoroughly with 150ml of warm (50°C) absolute alcohol, dried, and stored in tightly stoppered bottles under an indifferent atmosphere. Yield about 25g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 73, 1962



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Dithionite, Dithionite, Sodium, Hyposulfite, Sodium Dithionite

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Sodium dithionite, SODIUM HYDROSULFITE, Disodium dithionite, Vatrolite, 7775-14-6, Sodium sulfoxylate, Sodium hypodisulfite, Sodium hydrosulphite, Dithionous acid, disodium salt, Blankit, Burmol, Hydros, sodiumdithionite, Blankit IN, V-Brite B, Disodium hydrosulfite, Hydrosulfite R Conc, Caswell No. 774, UNII-2K5B8F6ES1, CCRIS 1428, HSDB 746, Sodium hydrosulfite (Na2S2O4), Sodium dithionite (Na2(S2O4)), EINECS 231-890-0, Dithionous acid, sodium salt (1:2), UN1384, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 078202, 1340-77-8, Hydrolin, sodiumhydrosulfite, Virtex L, sodium hydro sulfite, ACMC-20ajod, D-Ox, AC1L2NGY, AC1Q1UWY, sodium sodium hydrosulfite, disodium sulfinatosulfinate, Na2S2O4, KSC377C1N, 2K5B8F6ES1, 71699_FLUKA, 71699_SIGMA, CHEBI:66870, CTK2H7116, JVBXVOWTABLYPX-UHFFFAOYSA-L, MolPort-003-926-324, 157953_SIAL, AKOS015904498, RP23608, RTR-024814, TRA0070045, Sodium dithionite or sodium hydrosulfite, AN-18175, BP-13393, IN000595, IN018804, S300, SC-74740, KB-259854, LS-186365, FT-0695294, S0562, 3B4-2469, I14-16494, Sodium dithionite or sodium hydrosulfite [UN1384] [Spontaneously combustible], Sodium dithionite or sodium hydrosulfite [UN1384] [Spontaneously combustible]

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Hydrosulfite, Sulfoxylate, Reductone, Sodium dithionate, Sodium hyposulfite, Disodium dithionate, CID24489

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