Synthesis of sodium amide

Preparation of sodium amide

Preparation of sodium amide from sodium and liquid ammonia

Preparation of sodium amide

Preparation of sodium amide from liquid ammonia and sodium

Five hundred millilitres of liquid ammonia is condensed in a 2 liter flask, and 0.3 g. of powdered ferric nitrate hexahydrate is added. The mixture is stirred, and about 1 g. of sodium is introduced. Stirring is continued until the blue color of the solution changes to a gray, and then additional small portions of sodium are added as rapidly as the blue color is discharged. A total of 26 g. of sodium is added. The mixture is stirred for an additional 15 minutes after discharge of the blue color from the last portion of sodium. The sodium is converted to sodium amide in quantitative yield. Sodium amide prepared in this way should not be stored as the dry solid obtained by evaporation of the ammonia, since such solid forms explosive compounds.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 56, 2121, 1934

Preparation of sodium amide from sodium and gaseous ammonia

Sodium amide is also prepared by passing dry gases ammonia over sodium at 350° C

Preparation of sodium amide

Preparation of sodium amide by passing dry gases ammonia over sodium

One and one-half grams of clean sodium are placed in a boat and inserted into a combustion tube mounted in a cir­cular furnace. Bone-dry ammonia is passed through the apparatus which is heated to 350° C and maintained at this temperature for one-half hour. The sodium amide is collected and kept protected from moisture.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 28-29, 1962





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