Synthesis of sodium acetate

Preparation of sodium acetate trihydrate

Preparation of sodium acetate

Preparation of sodium acetate

Crystallized sodium carbonate is dissolved in a little of distilled water. The solution of acetic acid is added to the solution of sodium carbonate to slight excess. Then the obtained sodium acetate is evaporated to crystallization, and purified by recrystallization from hot water. Sodium acetate prepared by the described method contains three three molecules of water (CH3COONa • 3H2O). In order to removed water and obtain anhydrous salt please refer preparation of fused sodium acetate.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 44, 1895





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SODIUM ACETATE TRIHYDRATE, 6131-90-4, Thomaegelin, Plasmafusin, Tutofusin, Acetic acid, sodium salt, trihydrate, Natrium acetate-3-wasser, UNII-4550K0SC9B, Sodiumacetatehydrate, Sodiumacetatetrihydrate, Sodium acetate (TN), Sodium acetate (USP), natriumacetate trihydrate, sodium acetate-trihydrate, ACMC-1B5AT, AC1Q59CB, Sodium acetate [USP:JAN], Sodium acetate [USAN:JAN], KSC353I2H, 127-09-3 (anhydrous), 25022_RIEDEL, potassium acetate ion trihydrate, S1304_SIAL, S7670_SIAL, S8625_SIAL, sodium acetate–water (1/3), Sodium acetate hydrate (JP16), SODIUM ACETATE, U.S.P., 71188_FLUKA, 71188_SIGMA, CHEBI:32138, CTK2F3423, AYRVGWHSXIMRAB-UHFFFAOYSA-M, MolPort-006-706-007, 25022_SIAL, 4550K0SC9B, OOEa AAENI EyE(R) masculineIIi, sodium acetate hydrate (1:1:3), 236500_SIAL, AKOS015904397, RP20232, RTR-021129, KB-60489, LS-12831, TR-021129, FT-0645115, D01779, 13792-EP2284157A1, 13792-EP2295437A1, 13792-EP2298775A1, 13792-EP2308842A1, 13792-EP2315502A1, 13792-EP2316836A1, 3B4-0965, I14-16557

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Sodium acetate, Gelofusine, Haemaccel, POLYGELINE, Acetic acid sodium salt, Braun Brand of Polygeline, Beacon Brand of Polygeline, SODIUM ACETATE, ACS, Aventis Brand of Polygeline, Hoechst Brand of Polygeline, Delta Pharma Brand of Polygeline, Delta-Pharma Brand of Polygeline, CID22507, D011097, 127-09-3, 41484-91-7, 9015-56-9

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