Synthesis of propionyl chloride

Preparation of propionyl chloride

Preparation of propionyl chloride

Preparation of propionyl chloride

To a round bottom flask fitted with a dropping funnel 26.5 g of oxalyl chloride are placed. 20 g of dry propionic acid was dropped slowly onto the oxalyl chloride from a separatory funnel. The reaction was vigorous with hydrogen chloride evaluation. The reaction mixture was refluxed gently until the evolution of hydrogen chloride gas ceased. The propionyl chloride was then separated by distillation yielding 10 of the acid chloride with boiling point 79-80° C. According to the literature the boiling point of propionyl chloride is 80° C. The chlorination reaction yield 53 %.

Oxalyl chloride and oxalyl bromide as reagents in organic chemistry, L.H. Ulich, 24-25, 1918,


propanoyl chloride



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propanoyl chloride, propionyl chloride

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Propionyl chloride, PROPANOYL CHLORIDE, 79-03-8, Propionic chloride, Propionic acid chloride, Propionylchloride, UNII-MB6VL5OMB9, RZWZRACFZGVKFM-UHFFFAOYSA-N, propanoylchloride, propanoic chloride, propionyl-chloride, ethylcarbonyl chloride, AC1L1WWB, AC1Q2SGH, MB6VL5OMB9, P51559_ALDRICH, KSC378E9L, CTK2H8295, MolPort-000-871-816, BB_SC-6942, ACMC-209777, NSC83547, EINECS 201-170-0, ANW-13601, BBL011440, NSC 83547, NSC-83547, STL146550, UN1815, ZINC01730995, AKOS000121232, JC10138, MCULE-3081874391, RP10838, RTR-025202, UN 1815, AN-23975, BC658482, SC-25644, DB-004079, LS-192507, TR-025202, FT-0650334, P0516, V0809, 28368-EP2270006A1, 28368-EP2272509A1, 28368-EP2277878A1, 28368-EP2277880A1, 28368-EP2281817A1, 28368-EP2286811A1, 28368-EP2287159A1, 28368-EP2292610A1, 28368-EP2292619A1, 28368-EP2305649A1, 28368-EP2305689A1, 28368-EP2311802A1, 28368-EP2311803A1, 28368-EP2314578A1, 28368-EP2371814A1, A839559, InChI=1/C3H5ClO/c1-2-3(4)5/h2H2,1H, Propionyl chloride [UN1815] [Flammable liquid], I14-0218

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