Synthesis of potassium thiocyanate (potassium rhodanide)

Preparation of potassium thiocyanate

Preparation of potassium thiocyanate from potassium ferrocyanide

Preparation of potassium thiocyanate from potassium ferrocyanide

Preparation of potassium thiocyanate from potassium ferrocyanide

Potassium ferrocyanide is gently heated with stirring, until the crystallization water is completely expelled. 46 g of obtained anhydrous potassium ferrocyanide are mixed with 17 g of potassium carbonate, and 32 g of sulfur. The mixture is transferred into an iron pan covered with a lid, and fused over a gentle flame of gas burner. During the fusion the temperature is maintained until the swelling of the mass which ensues at first has completely subsided and gives place to a state of tranquil and clear fusion. The the temperature is increased towards the end of the experiment, to faint redness, in order to decompose completely potassium thiosulfate which has been formed in the process. The obtained residue is remove half-cooled, then is crushed and boiled repeatedly with 80-90% ethyl alcohol. Upon cooling, part of the potassium thiocyanate will separate in colorless crystals, furthermore, removing ethyl alcohol by evaporation gives an additional amount of potassium thiocyanate. Potassium thiocyanate is purified by crystallization from hot water.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 51, 1895





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KSCN, potassium rhodanide, potassium silver thiocyanate (1:1:2), potassium thiocyanate, rhodanide

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POTASSIUM THIOCYANATE, Potassium rhodanate, Rodanca, Potassium sulfocyanate, potassium rhodanide, 333-20-0, Potassium thiocyanide, Rhodanide, Rhocya, Potassium isothiocyanate, KSCN, Arterocyn, Aterocyn, Kyonate, Thiocyanic acid, potassium salt, Thio-cara, Caswell No. 703, CCRIS 4041, UNII-TM7213864A, CHEBI:30951, EINECS 206-370-1, potassiumthiocyanate, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 068201, Thiocyanic acid, potassium salt (1:1), AI3-28747, potassium-thiocyanate, AC1LANHS, (cyanosulfanyl)potassium, AC1Q1TQA, ACMC-1CR9R, DSSTox_CID_9619, Potassium thiocyanate [NF], DSSTox_RID_78790, DSSTox_GSID_29619, KSC222Q5T, CHEMBL2106973, CTK1C2859, POTASSIUM THIOCYANATE, ACS, MolPort-000-158-374, ZNNZYHKDIALBAK-UHFFFAOYSA-M, Tox21_200481, OR5319, AKOS015915187, RP18629, RTR-013961, TM7213864A, NCGC00258035-01, Potassium thiocyanide Potassium rhodanide, AN-23407, BP-12539, CAS-333-20-0, SC-47009, LS-152727, TR-013961, 60763-16-8 (potassium-silver-CHNS[1:1:2]), I14-7087, 14314-32-0, 170159-46-3, 4495-15-2, 77044-25-8, 885624-03-3

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CID9522, CID516872, potassium silver thiocyanate (1:1:2), C009941

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