Synthesis of potassium metaperiodate

Preparation of potassium metaperiodate

In a 500ml flask 13.5 g of potassium chlorate are dissolved in 50ml of water at 45°C containing a few drops of concentrated nitric acid. 10 g of iodine are added and the mixture is cautiously warmed until a reaction just begins. The mouth of the flask is loosely covered with an inverted beaker to prevent loss of iodine and a bath of cold water is provided in case the reaction becomes too vigorous. The reaction is complete in about 15 minutes, as shown by the disappearance of the iodine. To the solution of potassium iodate obtained (or to 16.8g of potassium iodate in 50ml of hot water) are added 23g of 85% solid potassium hydroxide and 15ml of hot water. When solution is complete, a steady stream of chlorine is led in through a wide glass tube which is used as a hand stirrer. Best yields are obtained if the solution is boiled and stirred vigorously during this step. When chlorine is no longer absorbed (10-15 minutes) and the solution has become acid (test with litmus) the reaction is over. Some periodate may crystallize from the hot liquid towards the end of the chlorination. The mixture is cooled well in ice and filtered. Yield 16-18g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 50, 1962

15 g of potassium hydroxide are added to the 16.8g iodate in 50ml of water and the solution is heated to the boiling point. 23 g of potassium persulfate are dissolved in the hot liquid and after five minutes 15g more of potassium hydroxide are added in small portions as solution takes place rather violently. After heating the mixture for 30 minutes on the steam bath to complete the reaction, about 150ml of hot water are added to dissolve precipitated potassium sulfate, and then the solution is cooled under running water. An equivolume mixture of concentrated nitric acid and water is added from a burette to the cooled liquid with agitation until it is acid to methyl orange, then 2ml of acid are added in excess. The product, which precipitates during the acidification, is to be well cooled, filtered off, then washed thoroughly with about 25ml of ice water and dried in air yielding 12.5g of potassium periodate.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 51, 1962





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