Synthesis of potassium hexacyanocobaltate(III)

Preparation of potassium hexacyanocobaltate(III)

Preparation of potassium hexacyanocobaltate(III)

Preparation of potassium hexacyanocobaltate(III)

A solution of 30g of potassium cyanide in 200 ml of water is added slowly from a separatory funnel to a well-stirred boiling solution of 48g of cobalt chloride 6-hydrate in 500ml of water. The buff-violet precipitate of cobalt cyanide (hydrated) is filtered by suction and washed with two 50-ml portions of cold water. The moist salt is transferred to a 600-ml beaker containing a solution of 60g of potassium cyanide in 175ml of water and stirred until solution is complete. A slight excess of alkali cyanide is used to prevent precipitation of green K2Co[Co(CN)6] on standing; this occurs if not enough cyanide is present. The dark red solution of potassium hexacyanocobaltate(II) is heated to boiling over a small flame and maintained at this temperature for 10-15 minutes. The color of the liquid changes to pale yellow with evolution of hydrogen during this time. The solution is filtered while hot if necessary and cooled in ice. Very light yellow crystals of product separate, which are filtered off, and drained well. Two or three more crops of material can be isolated from the mother liquor by evaporating it on the steam bath, and then filtering and cooling it. If desired, the complex salt may be purified by recrystallization from water. Crude yield about 60g (90%) The product, if pure, will give little or no precipitate when boiled with a little dilute acetic acid.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 84, 1962





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Potassium cobalticyanide, Potassium cobalticyanine, Potassium cobalt cyanide, Potassium cobaltic cyanide, Tripotassium hexacyanocobaltate, Potassium hexacyanocobaltate(3-), NSC 4316, Tripotassium hexacyanocobaltate(3-), EINECS 237-742-1, Cobaltate(3-), hexacyano-, tripotassium, AI3-28781, Cobaltate(3-), hexakis(cyano-C)-, tripotassium, Cobaltate(3-), hexakis(cyano-C)-, tripotassium, (OC-6-11)-, Cobaltate(3-), hexakis(cyano-kappaC)-, tripotassium, (OC-6-11)-, cobalt(3+) potassium cyanide(1:3:6), UNII-P3AF0UWR0Y, P3AF0UWR0Y, AC1L4MC5, tripotassium cobalt(3+) hexacyanide, AR-1I2490, AR-1I2491, IN002301, IN010612, IN013018, LS-54525, cobalt(3+) tripotassium ion hexakis(cyanide), Potassium cyanocobaltate(III) (K3(Co(CN)6)), 3B4-3830, cobalt(3+) ion tripotassium hexakis(iminomethanide), COBALT(3+) ION TRIPOTASSIUM HEXAKIS(CYANIDE), Potassium cyanocobaltate(III) (K3(Co(CN)6)) (6CI), I14-115292, Cobaltate(3-), hexakis(cyano-C)-, tripotassium, (OC-6-11)- (9CI), Cobaltate(3-), hexakis(cyano-kappaC)-, potassium (1:3), (OC-6-11)-, 15665-62-0

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Hexacyanocobaltate (III), Potassium hexacyanocobaltate(III), Tripotassium hexacyanocobaltate(III), 17632-85-8 (Parent), CID159709, 13963-58-1, 178980-75-1, 178980-79-5

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