Synthesis of potassium cyanide

Preparation of potassium cyanide

Preparation of potassium cyanide from hydrogen cyanide and potassium hydroxide

Preparation of potassium cyanide from hydrogen cyanide and potassium hydroxide

Preparation of potassium cyanide from hydrogen cyanide and potassium hydroxide

A warm 40° C solution of potassium hydroxide in absolute ethanol is saturated with gaseous hydrogen cyanide. Insoluble potassium cyanide separates from the solution as a white crystalline solid, which is filtered, washed with absolute ethanol and dried in vacuum desiccator over calcium chloride.

Preparation of potassium cyanide from potassium ferrocyanide

Preparation of potassium cyanide from potassium ferrocyanide

Preparation of potassium cyanide from potassium ferrocyanide

Potassium ferrocyanide (free from potassium sulfate) is gently heated with stirring, until the crystallization water is completely expelled. 80 g of obtained anhydrous potassium ferrocyanide are triturated and mixed with 30 g of perfectly dry and powdered potassium carbonate. The mixture is fused in a covered iron crucible, until the mass appears clear and is in a faint glow. The reaction is complete when a sample from crucible, taken out with a heated glass or iron rod, looks perfectly white. The crucible is removed from a muffle oven and cooled a little until the evolution of gas has ceased.  The fused potassium cyanide is poured into a preheated, crucible-shaped vessel made of iron or silver, with proper care, to prevent the running-out of any particles of iron which have separated in the process of fusion and have subsided to the bottom of the crucible. The mass is slowly cooled to room temperature and transferred to well-stoppered bottle. The potassium cyanide so prepared is pure for most purposes, although it contains potassium carbonate and potassium cyanate, which in the solution in transformes into ammonium carbonate and potassium carbonate:

Reaction of potassium cyanate with water

Reaction of potassium cyanate with water

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 50-51, 1895





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POTASSIUM CYANIDE, Potassium cyanide (K(CN)), Cyanide of potassium, 151-50-8, Caswell No. 688A, Kalium cyanid [German], Potassium cyanide K(CN), Potassium cyanide solution, RCRA waste no. P098, RCRA waste number P098, UNII-MQD255M2ZO, Cyanure de potassium [French], Hydrocyanic acid, potassium salt, HSDB 1245, M-44 capsules (potassium cyanide), EINECS 205-792-3, UN1680, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 599600, KCN, BRN 4652394, AI3-28749, kalium cyanid, 133708-36-8, cyanopotassium, Kaliumcyanid, Kaliumzyanid, Zyankali, potassiumcarbonitrile, RODqdDoHN@, Cyanure de potassium, 25909-68-6, potassium iminomethanide, Cyanide standard solution, AC1Q1TQ7, MQD255M2ZO, 11813_RIEDEL, 31252_RIEDEL, AC1L1S61, POTASSIUM CYANIDE- 13C, CHEMBL2228308, 60178_FLUKA, 60178_SIGMA, CHEBI:33191, CTK0I0961, MolPort-003-926-043, NNFCIKHAZHQZJG-UHFFFAOYSA-N, YUZRZFQHUCKACF-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 11813_SIAL, 31252_SIAL, 207810_SIAL, AKOS009159058, Potassium cyanide [UN1680] [Poison], Potassium cyanide [UN1680] [Poison], BP-30182, LS-118347, TR-006221, FT-0083194, FT-0651309, P1613, 3B4-3831, I14-86143, 15745-74-1, 60195-52-0

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Cyanide salts, Cyanide, Potassium, Hydrogen cyanide and cyanide salts, Potassium Cyanide (K(14)CN), CID9032, Potassium Cyanide (K(C(15)N)), CID2724104, 4-02-00-00050 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), D011190

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