Synthesis of potassium bromide

Preparation of potassium bromide

Potassium bromide is obtained from the mother liquor from the preparation of potassium bromate.

Preparation of potassium bromide

Preparation of potassium bromide

The mother liquors (filtrate) is evaporated in a porcelain dish until a pasty mass is obtained and mixed thoroughly with 5 grams of powdered charcoal. The mixture is completely dried and pulverized in a mortar. The remaining potassium bromate is reduced to potassium bromide by heating to redness, for 20 minutes, in an iron crucible surrounded by an asbestos mantle. The obtained potassium bromide is extracted with 60 ml of hot water and filtered. The residue is washed with an additional 15 ml of hot water, filtered and the combined filtrates are evaporated to dryness in order to obtain crude potassium bromide. Potassium bromide could be purified by repeated crystallization from hot water. Potassium bromide is tested for absence of bromate ion by dissolving small amount in a little water and acidifying with sulfuric acid, if no bromate is present, no free bromine will be produced, i.e., the solution will remain colorless and odorless.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 245, 1936





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POTASSIUM BROMIDE, 7758-02-3, Potassium bromide (KBr), Bromide salt of potassium, Kalii bromidum, Bromure de potassium, Caswell No. 684, Tripotassium tribromide, Potassium bromide (K3Br3), UNII-OSD78555ZM, CCRIS 6095, CHEMBL1644030, CHEBI:32030, HSDB 5044, EINECS 231-830-3, NSC 77367, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 013903, KBr, Potassium bromide solution, Kaliumbromid, Potassiumbromide, potassium ion bromide, Potassium bromide (TN), AC1Q1TQF, Potassium bromide [JAN], AC1L5P1B, Potassium bromide (JP16), KSC377E9R, POTASSIUM BROMIDE, ACS, 02110_RIEDEL, 229792_ALDRICH, 34257_RIEDEL, 34919_RIEDEL, 378844_ALDRICH, 38090_RIEDEL, 449962_ALDRICH, 449970_ALDRICH, 451010_ALDRICH, OSD78555ZM, P0838_SIAL, P9881_SIAL, 34257_FLUKA, 34919_FLUKA, 60089_FLUKA, 60089_SIGMA, 60093_FLUKA, CTK2H7298, IOLCXVTUBQKXJR-UHFFFAOYSA-M, MolPort-003-928-046, MolPort-021-782-975, s236, 02110_SIAL, 60093_SIAL, 221864_SIAL, 243418_SIAL, NSC77367, ANW-14117, BR1193, NSC-77367, AKOS015950615, AKOS024437429, LS-1722, RL04981, RP19329, RTR-024778, TRA-0207133, AN-18167, POTASSIUM BROMIDE, INFRA-RED GRADE, AB1002297, TR-024778, FT-0645099, P1747, C13198, D01731, 3B4-1881, I14-86313, 11127-10-9, 59217-61-7

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