Preparation of phosphorus oxychloride

Preparation of phosphorus oxychloride

Phosphorus oxychloride is most conveniently prepared by oxidizing phosphorus trichloride with potassium chlorate.

All glass ware must be clean and dry. The round bottom distilling flask containing 21 g of finely powdered potassium chlorate is connected with a condenser and receiver. From the dropping funnel slowly 69 g of phosphorus trichloride are added into the flask a little at a time. After each addition of small amount of phosphorus trichloride, reaction takes place by a gentle ebullition. If reaction is slow slight warm may be applied. When the reaction is complete, phosphorus oxychloride is distilled. Further purification is performed by re-distillation and collecting fraction boiling at 110° C.

Laboratory methods of inorganic chemistry by H. Biltz, 77h, 1928



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phosphorus oxychloride, phosphoryl chloride

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Phosphoryl chloride, PHOSPHORUS OXYCHLORIDE, Phosphoric trichloride, Phosphoryl trichloride, 10025-87-3, phosphoroyl trichloride, Trichlorophosphine oxide, Phosphoroxychloride, POCl3, Phosphorus oxytrichloride, Trichlorophosphorus oxide, Fosforoxychlorid [Czech], Phosphorus(V) oxychloride, Phosphorus oxide trichloride, Phosphorus(V) oxide chloride, Oxychlorid fosforecny [Czech], HSDB 784, CHEBI:30336, XHXFXVLFKHQFAL-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Phosphorus chloride oxide (POCl3), EINECS 233-046-7, UN1810, Fosforoxychlorid, Phosphorylchlorid, phosphorylchloride, trichlorophosphate, Phosphoroxychlorid, Phosphoroxidchlorid, phosphorusoxychloride, Oxychlorid fosforecny, phosphorousoxychloride, Phosphortrichloridoxid, phosphorus oxychioride, phosphorus-oxychloride, Phosphorusoxy chloride, phosphorous-oxychloride, phosphorousoxy chloride, Phosphorous oxychloride, phosphorus oxychloride-, phosphorous oxy chloride, phosphorous oxy-chloride, phosphorous-oxy-chloride, trichloridooxidophosphorus, AC1L2NOY, AC1Q3VHK, trichlorure de phosphoryle, DSSTox_CID_9710, [PCl3O], phosphorus trichloride oxide, DSSTox_RID_78816, UNII-9XM78OL22K, DSSTox_GSID_29710, 79582_ALDRICH, 201170_ALDRICH, 262099_ALDRICH, 320455_ALDRICH, 9XM78OL22K, Phosphorus(V) trichloride oxide, CHEMBL3183103, 79582_FLUKA, CTK0H4897, phosphorous (v) trichloride oxide, LTBB003084, 201170_SIAL, 320455_SIAL, Tox21_200814, AKOS015903725, NCGC00248842-01, NCGC00258368-01, AN-20971, BC204553, AB1010941, CAS-10025-87-3, DB-058337, LS-109049, FT-0689775, Phosphorus oxychloride [UN1810] [Corrosive], Phosphorus oxychloride [UN1810] [Corrosive], Phosphorus(V) oxide chloride; Phosphoryl chloride, 3B4-1784, I14-17589, 39380-77-3

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Phosphorus chloride oxide, Phosphorus oxide chloride, CID24813, C013196

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