Synthesis of phosgene oxime

Preparation of phosgene oxime

Preparation of phosgene oxime

Preparation of phosgene oxime

To a stirred suspension of 38 g mercury fulminate in 500 ml semi-normal hydrochloric acid chlorine gas is bubbled for 1 to 2 hours. The phosgene oxime is extracted with ether, the solvent evaporated and the oily residue distilled under reduced pressure. Dichloroformoxine distills between 32° and 35 °C at 15 mm. The yield of final product is about 65%. Dichloroformoxime forms colorless, prismatic crystals melting at 39-40 °C.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 77, 1939





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dichloroformossina, dichloroformoxine, dichlorophormoxine

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Phosgene oxime, Dichloroformaldoxime, Dichloroformaldehyde oxime, 1794-86-1, JIRJHEXNDQBKRZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Phosgenox, dichloroformoxime, Dichloroformoxine, Phosgene, oxime, Dichloroformossina, Dichlorophormoxine, Carbonimidic dichloride, hydroxy-, 1,1-dichloroformaldoxime, AC1Q3FGD, AC1L23JK, SCHEMBL376880, UNII-G45S3149SQ, Hydroxycarbonimidic dichloride #, CTK0H6265, HSDB 7600, G45S3149SQ, N-(dichloromethylidene)hydroxylamine, Carbonimidicdichloride, hydroxy- (9CI), SC-70690, LS-193074

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CID65582, CX

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