Synthesis of phenylcyanamide

Preparation of phenylcyanamide

Preparation of phenylcyanamide

Preparation of phenylcyanamide

To a solution of cyanogen bromide (10.0 g, 94mmol) in anhydrous ether (200 ml) was added dropwise 2.2 eq of the aniline in anhydrous ether (100 ml) at — 5° C. The mixture was stirred for 1 hour under a nitrogen atmosphere at the same temperature, then the precipitate (aniline hydrobromide) was filtered off, and the filtrate was concentrated in vacuo below 15 °C. The phenylcyanamide is unstable and should be used without purification.

Chem. Pharm. Bull. 1996, 44, 2314-2317.





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Phenylcyanamide, 622-34-4, (PHENYLAMINO)CARBONITRILE, cyano-aniline, phenyl cyanamide, phenyl-cyanamide, Caynamide, phenyl-, Cyanamide, N-phenyl-, N-PHENYLCYANAMIDE, AC1L2BLK, AC1Q4SMY, 5423-26-7, SCHEMBL1259441, (PHENYLAMINO)FORMONITRILE, CTK2F4132, JLXXLCJERIYMQG-UHFFFAOYSA-N, MolPort-006-112-118, ZINC1586445, EINECS 210-729-8, AR-1L0623, STL367497, AKOS000450410, MB01061, MCULE-1071111326, NE28456, OR036726, OR304071

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CID69318, 88784-20-7

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