Synthesis of phenol

Preparation of phenol

Preparation of phenol

Preparation of phenol

30 g of potassium hydroxide and about 5 ml of water are melted at a low temperature in a nickel basin, and then 20 g of potassium benzene sulfonate (or sodium benzenesulfonate) added and stirred in. The temperature is then raised to 252° C and maintained at this point for one hour. After cooling, the solid is dissolved in a little water and then acidified with concentrated hydrochloric acid. During the addition of hydrogen chloride the overheated should be avoided. The solution is then extracted several times with ether, the extract dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate, and the ether removed by evaporation. The crude phenol is purified by distillation and collecting fraction which passes over at about 180° C. Phenol forms colorless needles with melting point 42° C and boiling 182° C. Yield 96 %.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 87, 1912





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Carbol, Carbolic Acid, Hydroxybenzene, Phenol, Phenol, Sodium Salt, Phenolate Sodium, Phenolate, Sodium, Sodium Phenolate

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phenol, carbolic acid, Hydroxybenzene, Phenic acid, Oxybenzene, Phenylic acid, Benzenol, Phenyl hydrate, Monophenol, 108-95-2, Phenyl hydroxide, Phenylic alcohol, Phenyl alcohol, Monohydroxybenzene, Paoscle, PhOH, Izal, Phenol alcohol, Phenol, liquefied, Phenole, Acide carbolique, Fenolo, Liquid phenol, Carbolic oil, Benzene, hydroxy-, Campho-Phenique Gel, Carbolsaure, Fenosmoline, Phenosmolin, Fenosmolin, Phenic, Fenol, Campho-Phenique Liquid, Phenol, molten, Phenol, pure, Fenolo [Italian], Monohydroxy benzene, Phenole [German], Rcra waste number U188, NCI-C50124, Baker’s P & S liquid & Ointment, Carbolsaure [German], Baker’s P and S Liquid and Ointment, Campho-Phenique Cold Sore Gel, Fenol [Dutch, Polish], Phenic alcohol, Phenol solution, Synthetic phenol, TEA polyphenol, Liquified Phenol, Phenol, liquid, Un 2812 (solution), Phenol, solid, Acide carbolique [French], UN 1671 (solid), UN 2312 (molten), RCRA waste no. U188, Phenol homopolymer, Baker’s p and s, NSC 36808, Phenol [JAN], Phenol, polymer-bound, Caswell No. 649, UN1671, UN2312, UN2821, UNII-339NCG44TV, CCRIS 504, AI3-01814, FEMA No. 3223, HSDB 113, CHEBI:15882, Phenol (or solutions with 5% or more phenol), ISWSIDIOOBJBQZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 203-632-7, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 064001, Phenol, solid [UN1671] [Poison], Phenol, molten [UN2312] [Poison], NCGC00091454-04, Phenol solutions [UN2821] [Poison], DSSTox_CID_1124, PHENOL, ULTRA PURE, DSSTox_RID_75955, DSSTox_GSID_21124, IPH, Phenol, sulfurated, CAS-108-95-2, benzenod, hydroxybenzend, phenylalcohol, Benzophenol, Carbolsaeure, Karbolsaeure, Phenolcrude, acide phenique, Hydroxy-benzene, Phenol liquid, Phenol molten, Liquefied phenol, Phenol solutions, Phenol synthetic, Phenolated water, Carbolicum acidum, Cepastat lozenges, Phenol (liquid), Phenol, synthetic, Paoscle (TN), Carbolic acid liquid, Phenol polymer-bound, Phenol (TN), (14C)Phenol, Carbolic acid, liquid, PHENOL REAGENT, Phenol [USP:JAN], PHENOL REAGE NT, 1ai7, 1li2, 4i7l, Liquefied phenol (TN), PHENOL, ACS, Cresol (JP16/NF), AC1L1AHZ, Phenol (JP16/USP), WLN: QR, ACMC-1CE2K, PHENOL- D6, Liquefied phenol (JP16), bmse000290, bmse010026, Fenol(DUTCH, POLISH), EQUALINE SORE THROAT, C6H6O, CARE ONE SORE THROAT, PHENOL, 80% in ethanol, MLS001065591, 40063_SUPELCO, 48556_SUPELCO, 48688_SUPELCO, BIDD:ER0293, CEPASTAT EXTRA STRENGTH, CHEMBL14060, P4557_SIGMA, P4682_SIGMA, P6471_SIGMA, Phenol for disinfection (TN), W322318_ALDRICH, CHLORASEPTIC SORE THROAT, 16016_RIEDEL, 16017_RIEDEL, 16018_RIEDEL, 33517_RIEDEL, 339NCG44TV, 35952_RIEDEL, 46344_RIEDEL, 564796_ALDRICH, AC1Q791G, P1037_SIAL, P3653_SIAL, P4557_SIAL, P4682_SIAL, P5566_SIAL, P9346_SIAL, phenylic acid, phenyl hydroxide, Cuticura pain relieving ointment, Phenol, labeled with carbon-14, 35952_FLUKA, 46344_FLUKA, 52463_FLUKA, 77607_FLUKA, 77607_SIGMA, 77614_FLUKA, CTK0H5673, HMDB00228, Phenol for disinfection (JP16), Phenolated water for disinfection, 3f39, MolPort-000-871-946, 16016_SIAL, 16017_SIAL, 16018_SIAL, 33517_SIAL, 77614_SIAL, HEALTHY ACCENTS SORE THROAT, LTBB002354, 139-02-6 (hydrochloride salt), 185450_SIAL, 242322_SIAL, 328111_SIAL, NSC36808, EINECS 262-972-4, Tox21_113463, Tox21_201639, Tox21_300042, ANW-15995, CS0062, DNC010455, LS-476, NSC-36808, ZINC05133329, Phenol, solid [UN1671] [Poison], AKOS000119025, Phenol, molten [UN2312] [Poison], Tox21_113463_1, DB03255, MCULE-9943948107, NA 2821, Phenol solutions [UN2821] [Poison], RL00383, RTR-002010, UN 1671, UN 2312, UN 2821, NCGC00091454-01, NCGC00091454-02, NCGC00091454-03, NCGC00091454-05, NCGC00091454-06, NCGC00091454-07, NCGC00254019-01, NCGC00259188-01, 61788-41-8, AJ-53232, AK113559, AM802906, AN-22534, BP-30160, GOOD NEIGHBOR PHARMACY SORE THROAT, KB-59534, SMR000568492, AB1002201, LS-105199, 582-EP2269975A2, 582-EP2269977A2, 582-EP2269997A2, 582-EP2270003A1, 582-EP2270101A1, 582-EP2270113A1, 582-EP2272813A2, 582-EP2272817A1, 582-EP2272822A1, 582-EP2272849A1, 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78049-EP2371807A1, 97694-EP2305662A1, 1,3-Butadiene,2-methyl-,homopolymer,phenol-modified, 3B4-0922, I01-9247, I14-62966, InChI=1/C6H6O/c7-6-4-2-1-3-5-6/h1-5,7, 100790-31-6, 14534-23-7, 27073-41-2, 50356-25-7, 63496-48-0, 65996-83-0, 68071-29-4, 73607-76-8, 8002-07-1

Removed Synonyms

Anbesol, m-cresol, Salidroside, Carbol, Mixture Name, Phenolate sodium, Phenolate, Sodium, Phenol, sodium salt, Phenol-UL-14C, SODIUM PHENOLATE, CID996, Campho-Phenique Gel (Salt/Mix), Campho-Phenique Liquid (Salt/Mix), c0128, Campho-Phenique Cold Sore Gel (Salt/Mix), D019800, ACN-035521 95041-90-0, (3as,5r,6ar)-Hexahydro-2h-Cyclopenta[b]furan-5-Yl [(1s,2r)-1-Benzyl-2-Hydroxy-3-([(4-Methoxyphenyl)sulfonyl]{[(2r)-5-Oxopyrrolidin-2-Yl]methyl}amino)propyl]carbamate, (3r,3as,3br,6as,7as)-Octahydrodifuro[2,3-B:3′,2′-D]furan-3-Yl [(1s,2r)-1-Benzyl-2-Hydroxy-3-{[(4-Methoxyphenyl)sulfonyl](2-Methylpropyl)amino}propyl]carbamate, 10338-51-9, 13127-88-3, 1319-77-3, CRS, G52

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