Synthesis of oxiran-2-ylmethyl nitrate

Preparation of oxiran-2-ylmethyl nitrate

Alternative Names: Oxiran-2-ylmethyl nitrate; Glycidyl nitrate; Oxiranemethanol, nitrate; 2,3-Epoxypropyl nitrate; 1-Propanol, 2,3-epoxy-, nitrate

100 g of dinitroglycerine free from trinitroglycerin was shaken at room temperatures with 225 g of 30% sodium hydroxide. At first a clear solution was formed, and then after about one minute the liquid became milky and a very mobile oil settled out, which was washed several times with water and dried in a desiccator. The reaction was accompanied by a very slight evolution of heat, the temperature rising only about 1-2° C. The yield was 62 g or 95%.

Nitroglycerine and Nitroglycerine Explosives, by P Naoum, 176, 1928


oxiran-2-ylmethyl nitrate



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glycidyl nitrate

Depositor-Supplied Synonyms

oxiran-2-ylmethyl nitrate, Glycidyl nitrate, Oxiranemethanol, nitrate, 2,3-Epoxypropyl nitrate, 1-Propanol, 2,3-epoxy-, nitrate, EINECS 229-698-7, NSC 137875, BRN 0383635, 27814-48-8, AC1Q1GTX, AC1L3PD4, 2-Oxiranemethanol,2-nitrate, Ex128, SCHEMBL169655, CTK5C4936, ADZAAKGRMMGJKM-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Oxiranemethanol nitrate, homopolymer, AR-1K9386, NSC137875, AKOS006274225, NSC-137875, HE377275, LS-122281, 5-17-03-00048 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

Removed Synonyms

Oxiranemethanol, nitrate (9CI), CID93035, 6659-62-7, 6952-23-4

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