Synthesis of nitric acid

Preparation of nitric acid

Preparation of nitric acid

Preparation of nitric acid

Fuming nitric acid is prepared by slowly distilling a mixture of 50 g of sodium nitrate (or equivalent amount of potassium nitrate) and 30 g of concentrated sulfuric acid, in a glass apparatus as shown below.

A glass apparatus for the preparation of nitric acid

A glass apparatus for the preparation of nitric acid

The distillate contains 90-95% of nitric acid. If the nitric acid is colored yellow or red by dissolved oxides of nitrogen, it may be rendered colorless by blowing a current of dry air through the acid for some minutes. Fuming nitric acid d=1.50-1.53 g/ml specific gravity has a strong affinity for water and must be kept closely stoppered.

Anhydrous nitric acid is prepared by redistilled 90-95% acid with concentrated sulfuric acid in an apparatus similar to the above. 90-95% prepared nitric acid is transferred into the flask of an apparatus for distillation in vacuum. All the ground-glass joints in the apparatus are coated with moistened phosphoric anhydride or concentrated sulfuric acid. The flask containing the nitric acid is cooled in ice-water and mixed with the amount of five times its volume of cooled 98% sulfuric acid. Additionally apparatus is connected through a drying system and a safety bottle to a water-jet pump. The vacuum is applied, distillation flask is gently heated and fraction boiling at 30-40° C is collected.

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Acid, Nitric, Nitric Acid

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nitrate, Gallium nitrate, Terbium nitrate, Acid, Nitric, Gallium trinitrate, Terbium trinitrate, Praseodymium nitrate, Praseodymium trinitrate, NITRATE ION, Praseodymium (III) nitrate, Terbium nitrate (Tb(NO3)3), CID944, Gallium(III) nitrate (1:3), Praseodymium nitrate (Pr(NO3)3), NSC15200, Praseodymium(III) nitrate (1:3), Nitric acid, praseodymium(3+) salt, NSC177674, NSC177677, NITRIC ACID, TERBIUM(3+) SALT, D017942, NO3, 10043-27-3, 10361-80-5, 13494-90-1, 73069-25-7

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