Synthesis of mercury

Preparation of elemental mercury

Mercury is obtained by heating mercury sulfide (also know as minerals – cinnabar or vermilion) with a fine powders of iron.

Preparation of mercury

Preparation of mercury

Mercury sulfide could be obtained by passing hydrogen sulfide into a solution of mercury (II) salts (chloride, nitrate, etc.).

Preparation of mercury sulfide

Preparation of mercury sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is introduced into a mercury (II) solution in 1-2N hydrochloric acid, absolutely free of oxidizing agents. The transient white to brownish precipitate reacts with additional hydrogen sulfide to yield black mercury sulfide.

23 g mercury sulfide is mixed with 6 grams of fine iron and poured into a small flask connected distillation condenser. Reaction mixture is heated in a fume hood until all the Hg distilled out and collected in the receiving flask. The yield of mercury metal is 17 g.
Mercury is liquid, toxic metal, with boiling point 357 °C, melting point -38.8 °C. Mercury soluble in nitric acid. Mercury vapor is a potent poison!!!





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Compounds, Mercury, Methyl Mercury Ion, Mercury (II) ion, Mercury(II) nitrate, MERCURIBENZOIC ACID, CID23931, EPA-E650028, c0387, EPA-E17000316, N458, D008628, D017669, Hg, 7487-94-7, 7783-34-8, HGB, MBO, MMC

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