Synthesis of manganese(II) sulfide

Preparation of manganese(II) sulfide

Preparation of manganese(II) sulfide

Preparation of manganese(II) sulfide

20 g of manganese(II) sulfate 4-hydrate are dissolved in 600 ml of boiling water in a one-liter beaker. A steady current of dry steam is passed through the boiling solution and 150 ml of ammonium sulfide solution (prepared by saturating 75 ml of concentrated ammonia with hydrogen sulfide and mixing with 75 ml of ammonia) are added in one portion. When the precipitate, which settles well, has turned a dark olive-green, it is washed by decantation with five 100-200 ml portions of boiling water saturated with hydrogen sulfide. During each washing the precipitate is thoroughly agitated in the wash liquor by the current of steam. Traces of brown manganese oxides are formed during the process but these float on the surface of the water and are easily poured off. The product is filtered on a large suction funnel, washed with alcohol and dried in vacuo. The yield is manganese sulfide  7.5 g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 24, 1962





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colloidal MnS, manganese sulfide

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Manganese sulfide, Manganese(II) sulfide, 18820-29-6, Manganese sulfide (MnS), Manganous sulfide, Manganese sulphide, sulfanylidenemanganese, Manganese(2+) sulfide, AC1L3EG6, 400947_ALDRICH, UNII-87Y1S2L575, EINECS 242-599-3, 8851AF, 87Y1S2L575, IN009533, 12687-82-0 (cpd with unspecified MF), 1309-53-1

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Manganese tetraoxide, Manganese oxide (Mn3O4), CID87809, 1317-35-7

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