Synthesis of m-arsanilic acid

Preparation of m-arsanilic acid

Preparation of m-arsanilic acid

Preparation of m-arsanilic acid

Two normal sodium hydroxide solution is added to a suspension of 24.7 g. of m-nitrophenylarsonic acid until the acid is in solution. 10 g of Raney nickel catalyst is added, and the mixture is agitated under 30 lb. of hydrogen pressure. Thirty to sixty minutes is required for absorption of the calculated amount of hydrogen. The solution is filtered to remove catalyst and neutralized with 6 N hydrochloric acid to Congo red paper. The m-arsanilic acid separates as a pure crystalline product and is filtered off. The yield is 95%. m-Arsanilic acid melts at 213-215° with decomposition.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 57, 1299 (1935).


(3-aminophenyl)arsonic acid



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m-Arsanilic acid, (3-AMINOPHENYL)ARSONIC ACID, 2038-72-4, (m-Aminophenyl)arsonic acid, AC1L67RT, AC1Q5A6R, Arsonic acid, (3-aminophenyl)-, CTK4E4093, KST-1A2966, NSC49298, AR-1A3913, NSC-49298, OR175598, OR240052

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CID241631, 23471-05-8

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