Synthesis of lead iodide

Preparation of lead(II) iodide

Preparation of lead(II) iodide

Preparation of lead(II) iodide

10 g of lead iodide are prepared by double decomposition from the requisite amounts of lead nitrate and potassium iodide (in slight excess) in a total of 200 ml of water, filtered, and dried in the oven at 100° C. 8 g of the crude yellow lead(II) iodide are added to two liters of boiling distilled water. The solubility of lead(II) iodide in 100 g of water is 0.044 g at 0° C, 0.063g at 20° C, 0.41g at 100° C. The resulting solution must be kept at the boiling point throughout the subsequent filtration to avoid loss of product. The liquid is filtered through a large pleated filter paper which is placed in a funnel heated by a boiling water jacket. The combined filtrates are allowed to crystallize (preferably in ice over night), then they are filtered and dried. The lead(II) iodide has the appearance of shimmering gold flakes. Lead(II) chloride and lead(II) bromide may be recrystallized similarly, taking into account their solubilities at varying temperatures.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 23, 1962





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Lead(II) iodide, LEAD IODIDE, 10101-63-0, Lead iodide (PbI2), Lead diiodide, Plumbous iodide, RQQRAHKHDFPBMC-UHFFFAOYSA-L, diiodolead, Plumbum jodatum, Blei(II)-iodid, lead (II) iodide, diiodo-|E2-plumbane, PbI2, AC1L2NRV, ACMC-1C53O, KSC156K2D, 203602_ALDRICH, 211168_ALDRICH, 554359_ALDRICH, AC1Q4P38, HSDB 636, CTK0F6521, MolPort-003-927-647, EINECS 233-256-9, AKOS015833817, RTR-000295, TRA0066437, AB1006874, TR-000295, C.I. 77613, I14-17622, 12684-19-4, 82669-93-0

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null, UNII-OTL90F2GLT, Ammonium manganese pyrophosphate, CID24931

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