Synthesis of lead dioxide (lead(IV) oxide)

Preparation of lead dioxide

Preparation of lead dioxide (lead(IV) oxide)

Preparation of lead dioxide (lead(IV) oxide)

95 g of lead acetate trihydrate are dissolved in 200 ml of cold water.  The solution is cooled and well stirred while treated with the solution of 25 grams of sodium hydroxide dissolved in 100 ml of water and the paste made by rubbing 66 grams of bleaching powder or 40 grams of calcium hypochlorite in a mortar with a little water. During the addition, the reaction mixture should not be warmer than 30° C.  Then the mixture is slowly warmed to the boiling temperature, frequently stirred, and finally boiled for 30 minutes under reflux. The sludge is transferred in the 2-liter beaker and washed by decantation with cold water until nearly all the soluble in water salts are removed. The washed sludged is transferred again to the dish and treated with 250 ml of 30% nitric acid and boiled for 10 minutes. The residue of lead dioxide is washed by decantation until the wash water is no longer acid, poured to a filter and drained without suction. After the lead dioxide has drained, the filter is removed, lead dioxide dried and pulverized.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 279-281, 1936





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lead dioxide, lead monoxide, lead oxide

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LEAD DIOXIDE, Lead(IV) oxide, Lead peroxide, Lead superoxide, 1309-60-0, Lead oxide (PbO2), dioxolead, Lead Brown, Lead Oxide Brown, Lead peroxide (PbO2), Bioxyde de plomb [French], Peroxyde de plomb [French], CCRIS 6254, HSDB 4335, Lead (su)peroxide, EINECS 215-174-5, UN1872, CI 77580, C.I. 77580, plumbanedione, Leaddioxide, Bioxyde de plomb, Peroxyde de plomb, lead (IV) oxide, ACMC-1BVGK, KSC491A7B, 518131_ALDRICH, AC1L24K6, 15342_FLUKA, CTK3J1070, MolPort-001-783-718, YADSGOSSYOOKMP-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 15342_SIAL, 237140_SIAL, LS-735, Lead dioxide [UN1872] [Oxidizer], AKOS015904093, Lead dioxide [UN1872] [Oxidizer], RTR-004232, AN-49006, DB-003707, TR-004232, FT-0627759, I14-18068, 60525-54-4

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Lead oxide, CID14793

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