Synthesis of iodine

Preparation of iodine

Preparation of iodine

Preparation of iodine

Potassium iodide when acted upon by sulphuric acid in the presence of an oxidizing agent such as manganese dioxide is completely decomposed, the iodine being liberated. Three and one-half grams of potassium iodide are mixed with 7 g. of finely pulverized manganese dioxide, and placed in a 500 ml tubulated retort. One hundred cubic centimeters of cold dilute sulphuric acid (made by adding 17 ml of the concentrated acid to 85 ml of water) are added, and the mixture thoroughly stirred. The retort is gently heated, and vapors of iodine soon appear and condense in crystals on the neck of the retort and in a flask through the neck of which the mouth of the retort is thrust. No external cooling of the flask is necessary, and care should be taken not to heat the mixture too much.

Chemical lecture experiments, by F. G. Benedict, 100, 1916.


molecular iodine



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iodine, Molecular iodine, Tincture iodine, Diiodine, Iodio, Iode, Jood, Vistarin, Eranol, Iodine crystals, Iodine solution, Iodine sublimed, Iosan superdip, 7553-56-2, Iodine tincture, Iodine-127, Iodine colloidal, Iodine Tincture USP, diiodane, Actomar, Iodum, Iodio [Italian], Ethanolic solution of iodine, Iodine ((127)I2), Jood [Dutch], Iodine (resublimed), IODE [French], IODINE-MOLECULE, Caswell No. 501, Jod [German, Polish], I2, HSDB 34, CCRIS 9223, UNII-9679TC07X4, CHEBI:17606, EINECS 231-442-4, NSC 42355, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 046905, Jod, Iodide Iodate solution, AI3-08544, ST51037308, Jod (GERMAN, POLISH), 12190-71-5, Diatomic iodine, Iodine [JAN], Cadex (TN), 10043-66-0, IODINE, ACS, AC1Q4PSI, Iodine (JP16/USP), AC1L1A2H, DSSTox_CID_14672, DSSTox_RID_79188, DSSTox_GSID_34672, 03002_RIEDEL, 229695_ALDRICH, 30305_RIEDEL, 318981_ALDRICH, 319007_ALDRICH, 326143_ALDRICH, 35089_RIEDEL, 35090_RIEDEL, 35096_RIEDEL, 35097_RIEDEL, 38060_RIEDEL, 38061_RIEDEL, 38064_RIEDEL, 38065_RIEDEL, 405353_ALDRICH, 451045_ALDRICH, I3380_SIAL, CHEMBL1201225, 03551_FLUKA, 35089_FLUKA, 35090_FLUKA, 35096_FLUKA, 35097_FLUKA, 38060_FLUKA, 38061_FLUKA, 38064_FLUKA, 38065_FLUKA, 55905_FLUKA, 57655_FLUKA, 59923_FLUKA, Fluorescent IEF-Marker pI 2.1, HMDB00675, IEF-Marker fluorescent pI 2.1, 318981_FLUKA, 319007_FLUKA, 405353_FLUKA, MolPort-003-925-272, PNDPGZBMCMUPRI-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 03002_SIAL, 30305_SIAL, 57655_SIAL, 207772_SIAL, 266426_SIAL, 376558_SIAL, NSC42355, Tox21_301294, NSC-42355, AKOS015902439, 9679TC07X4, DB05382, MCULE-3297948557, RL04877, NCGC00257544-01, BP-21210, IN004446, IN019076, LS-84139, CAS-7553-56-2, AB1002924, FT-0627250, FT-0696506, I0604, C01382, D00108, I14-19658, Iodine Solution (0.1M in THF/pyridine/H2O 78:20:2), Iodine Solution (0.05M in THF/H2O/pyridine 70:20:10), 24503-90-0, 8012-81-5, 8012-85-9, I2I

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null, Hanus solution, p-Dioxane,Reagent, Iodine bromide solution, WLN: I2, CID807, D007455, Iodine according to Hanus for the iodine value determination, 8031-47-8

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