Synthesis of iodine chloride

Preparation of iodine chloride

Preparation of iodine chloride

Preparation of iodine chloride

A weighed 1-liter flask with a ground-glass neck is cooled in carbon dioxide-acetone. Gaseous chlorine is passed through three wash-bottles: 1, empty; 2 with concentrated sulfuric acid; 3, glass wool; and finally into this flask, where it liquifies. When about 300 ml of chlorine (d=1.557 g/ml) have been led in, slightly less than the equivalent amount of iodine is added; the contents of the flask then solidify. Next the flask is raised gradually from the cooling-bath, the excess of chlorine evaporating. The vessel is weighed, the small additional amount of iodine required for formation of iodine chloride is added, and the crude liquid iodine chloride is set aside for at least 24 hours at a few degrees above room temperature, the flask being closed by its ground-glass stopper. The product, which is already almost pure for most purposes, can be further purified as follows: the liquid iodine chloride is cooled and when about 80% of it crystallized (m.p. 27.2°) the liquid residue is poured off.

J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 54, 1882 (1932).



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iodine monochloride, iodine monochloride, 125I-labeled

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IODINE MONOCHLORIDE, Iodine chloride, 7790-99-0, Chloroiodide, Iodochlorine, Iodine chloride (ICl), Wijs solution, Wijs’ chloride, Chloroiodide solution, Chlorine iodide (ClI), Iodine monochloride solution, Protochlorure d’iode [French], HSDB 601, EINECS 232-236-7, UN1792, Iodine according to Wijs for the iodine value determination, chloroiodane, iodochlorane, iodochloride, Chloroiodine, iodomonochloride, iodomono-chloride, Iodomono chloride, Iodinemonochloride, iodine monochioride, iodine(I) chloride, Protochlorure D’iode, PubChem21352, ACMC-1BHZS, AC1L2NKR, AC1Q3VEP, UNII-0SMG5NLU45, 0SMG5NLU45, KSC377Q7J, 35071_RIEDEL, 481556_ALDRICH, 35071_FLUKA, CTK2H7874, MolPort-001-783-916, QZRGKCOWNLSUDK-UHFFFAOYSA-N, LTBB002634, 208221_SIAL, 291048_SIAL, 402990_SIAL, ANW-46030, AKOS015853771, RP22545, RTR-024995, TRA0072121, IN002211, IN018973, LS-84141, SC-75066, Iodine monochloride [UN1792] [Corrosive], KB-297110, TR-024995, FT-0627251, Iodine monochloride [UN1792] [Corrosive], V2317, 3B4-2435, I14-16478, Iodine according to Wijs for the iodine value determination

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CID24640, CLI, ICL

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