Synthesis of hypochlorous acid

Preparation of hypochlorous acid

Alternative Names: HClO; HOCl; 7790-92-3; Hypochloric acid;

Preparation of hypochlorous acid

Preparation of hypochlorous acid

The following procedure may be used for preparing an approximately 20 % hypochlorous acid solution from chlorine hydrate and mercury(II) oxide. Chlorine is passed to saturation into water that is stirred vigorously and cooled in ice-salt freezing mixture. The precipitated chlorine hydrate is filtered off and mixed, with stirring, with sufficient  mercury(II) oxide (about 3/4 of its weight) to give an aqueous solution and remove the smell of chlorine. This solution is filtered and distilled at room temperature and 12 mmHg. The distillate, which contains up to 20% of hypochlorous acid, is kept in the dark in the frozen state; it is stable for several months at —10° C.

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Hypochlorous acid is also prepared by passage of chlorine into an ice-cold slurry of freshly precipitated mercury(II) chloride (Ann. Chem., 336, 314 (1904).) or sodium bicarbonate in ice-water (Ber. Deut. Chem. Ges., 40, 94 (1907).) or of bleaching powder and potassium carbonate in water (Ann. Chem., 288, 81 (1895).)


hypochlorous acid



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Hypochlorite, Hypochlorous Acid, Hypochlorous Acids

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HYPOCHLOROUS ACID, HClO, HOCl, 7790-92-3, hypochloric acid, UNII-712K4CDC10, CHEBI:24757, EINECS 232-232-5, chloranol, hydroxychloride, oxylchloride, chloro-alcohol, hypochlorousacid, oxyl chloride, hydroxidochlorine, Hydroxy chloride, Chlorine hydroxide, Chlor(I)-saeure, hypochlorige Saeure, Hydrogen hypochlorite, 13770-22-4, (3H)hypochlorous acid, [ClOH], AC1L2NDD, AC1Q3VFS, CHEMBL1616046, CTK2H8340, QWPPOHNGKGFGJK-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 712K4CDC10, IN003094, IN003099, LS-77540, FT-0695042, Y1732, C19697, 14333-29-0, 26190-92-1

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Hypochlorite, Chloroalcohol, Hypochlorous Acids, CHLORINE OXIDE (CL2O), CID24341, D006997

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