Synthesis of hydroxyacetone

Preparation of hydroxyacetone

Preparation of hydroxyacetone

Preparation of hydroxyacetone

Dowex 50 ion-exchange resin is treated with a solution of mercury(II) sulfate in dilute sulfuric acid, then carefully washed and dried. This resin (2 g) is added, with stirring, to a solution of propargyl alcohol (10.4 g, 0.2 mole) in water (100 ml); the temperature rises to 55° within 13 min, The mixture is stirred for 25 min at 50° and subsequently at 40°. After 100 min the resin is filtered off and washed with water (20 ml). An aliquot part (12 ml) of the solution is treated with phenylhydrazine, giving hydroxyacetone phenylhydrazone (2.85 g, 87%), m.p. 99-101°C.

J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 75, 4740 (1953);





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acetol, hydroxyacetone

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Hydroxyacetone, Acetol, 1-Hydroxy-2-propanone, 116-09-6, 1-hydroxypropan-2-one, Acetone alcohol, 1-Hydroxyacetone, 2-Propanone, 1-hydroxy-, Methanol, acetyl-, Acetylmethanol, ACETYLCARBINOL, Hydroxy-2-propanone, Methylketol, Pyruvinalcohol, Hydroxypropanone, Pyruvic alcohol, 2-Oxopropanol, 2-Ketopropyl alcohol, 1-hydroxy-propan-2-one, Hydroxymethyl methyl ketone, XLSMFKSTNGKWQX-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 204-124-8, NSC 102497, BRN 0605368, AI3-37788, hydroxy acetone, hydroxy-acetone, hydroxyl acetone, monohydroxyacetone, 2-oxopropyl alcohol, hydroxypropan-2-one, 1-Hydroxyacetone #, 1-oxidanylpropan-2-one, ACMC-2099rv, CH3C(O)CH2OH, AC1L1QP2, AC1Q1K6C, ACETOL, 50% SOLN, KSC176G1H, WLN: Q1V1, UNII-7I7YM0835W, 138185_ALDRICH, DTXSID8051590, CHEBI:27957, CTK0H6313, HMDB06961, XLSMFKSTNGKWQX-UHFFFAOYSA-, 7I7YM0835W, BB_SC-6929, ZINC895664, PROPYL, 1-HYDROXY-2-OXO-, PROPYL, 3-HYDROXY-2-OXO-, ANW-16937, BBL011436, MFCD00004669, MFCD21604182, NSC102497, STL146544, ZINC00895664, AKOS000269101, CS11467, MCULE-2989526028, NSC-102497, TRA0071606, AN-43209, OR034909, OR108643, OR287213, OR355293, U243, DB-003685, KB-174024, LS-123035, TR-002993, FT-0627141, C05235, A803556, S14-1455, F0001-0286, InChI=1/C3H6O2/c1-3(5)2-4/h4H,2H2,1H3, Hydroxyacetone contains =500 ppm sodium carbonate as stabilizer

Removed Synonyms

Acetol (VAN), 1,2-dibenzyldisulfane, C3H6O2, CID8299, MolPort-000-716-994, RTR-002993, H0388, 4-01-00-03977 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 150-60-7

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