Synthesis of hydrogen selenide

Preparation of hydrogen selenide

Hydrogen selenide is prapared by hydrolizing aluminum selenide with water. Aluminum selenide could be obtained directly from elements.

Preparation of hydrogen selenide

Preparation of hydrogen selenide

Aluminum selenide is obtained from the elements. Selenium is toxic, so work is being done under a hood. Mix 6 g of aluminum powder with 26.4 grams of fine selenium. Fused selenium also could be used but it must be crushed and powdered in the mortar. The mixture is placed in a fireclay crucible, and with the magnesium ribbon is ignited. In order to protect the selenium in the molten mass on the surface from oxidation of air the lightened crucible should be immediately covered with a lid. The cooled crucible is braked and selenide transported into a bottle with a stopper. Although the product generally are slightly contaminated with aluminium, but it is appropriate to obtain hydrogen selenide. Aluminum selenide produced by this method is fused, slightly porous mass. Absolutely pure selenide is obtained by passing selenium vapor over melted aluminum. Aluminum selenide is bright yellow product, moist air smells of hydrogen selenide. It is used further to obtain hydrogen selenide.

Aluminum selenide placed in a distillation flask and in small portions water from the separating funnel is added drop-wise. The hydrolysis process during the reaction slows down. To speed up the reaction small portions of diluted (1: 4) hydrochloric acid is added. Hydrogen selenide gas is washed with water and dried by passing through a column with calcium chloride or phosphorus pentoxide. Hydrogen selenide is even more poisonous than H2S!!!

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Dihydrogen selenide, H2Se, dihydridoselenium, [SeH2], Dihydrogen monoselenide, Hydrogen selenide(H2Se), Selenium hydride (SeH2), AC1L19G7, CTK5E4991, HMDB11110, C01528

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Selane, Hydrogen selenide, selenide, Selenium hydride, Hydroselenic acid, Selenium dihydride, CID533, CHEBI:16503, 7783-07-5

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