Synthesis of guanidine nitrate

Preparation of guanidine nitrate

Alternative Names: Guanidinium nitrate; Guanidine; nitric acid; GUANIDINE, MONONITRATE; Guanidine mononitrate;

Preparation of guanidine nitrate

Preparation of guanidine nitrate

An intimate mixture of 210 g of dicyandiamide and 440 g of ammonium nitrate is placed in a 1-liter round-bottom flask, and the flask is arranged for heating in an oil bath which has a thermometer in the oil. The oil bath is warmed until the thermometer indicates 160° C, and the temperature is held at this point for 2 hours. At the end of that time the flask is removed and allowed to cool, and its contents is extracted on the steam bath by warming with successive portions of water. The combined solution is filtered while hot for the removal of white insoluble material (ammeline and ammelide), concentrated to a volume of about a liter, and allowed to crystallize. The mother liquors are concentrated to a volume of about 250 ml for a second crop, after the removal of which the residual liquors are discarded. The crude guanidine nitrate may be recrystallized by dissolving it in the least possible amount of boiling water and allowing to cool, etc., or it may be dried thoroughly and used directly for the preparation of nitroguanidine. A small amount of ammonium nitrate in it does not interfere with its conversion to nitroguanidine by the action of concentrated sulfuric acid.

Chemistry of Powder and Explosives, by T. L. Davis, 380, 1941


guanidine;nitric acid



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Chloride, Guanidinium, Chloride, Guanidium, Guanidine, Guanidine Hydrochloride, Guanidine Monohydrate, Guanidine Monohydrobromide, Guanidine Monohydrochloride, Guanidine Monohydroiodine, Guanidine Nitrate, Guanidine Phosphate, Guanidine Sulfate, Guanidine Sulfate (1:1), Guanidine Sulfate (2:1), Guanidine Sulfite (1:1), Guanidinium, Guanidinium Chloride, Guanidium Chloride, Hydrochloride, Guanidine, Monohydrate, Guanidine, Monohydrobromide, Guanidine, Monohydrochloride, Guanidine, Monohydroiodine, Guanidine, Nitrate, Guanidine, Phosphate, Guanidine, Sulfate, Guanidine

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Guanidine nitrate, 506-93-4, Guanidinium nitrate, guanidine; nitric acid, GUANIDINE, MONONITRATE, Guanidine mononitrate, Guanidine nitrate (1:1), HSDB 5671, NSC 7295, EINECS 208-060-1, UN1467, AI3-15039, PubChem21372, ACMC-209kpa, AC1L1VAM, guanidine nitrate(1:1), AC1Q21VO, SCHEMBL56642, KSC269S4T, ARONIS27012, 234249_ALDRICH, UNII-B542239A4E, 50970_FLUKA, CTK1G9949, NSC7295, CNUNWZZSUJPAHX-UHFFFAOYSA-N, MolPort-003-928-294, NSC-7295, ANW-31100, AKOS015909840, AKOS016371198, B542239A4E, RP19447, RTR-018120, TRA0050976, AC-13711, AN-21461, Guanidine nitrate [UN1467] [Oxidizer], KB-52310, LS-73823, OR036968, OR275082, Guanidine nitrate [UN1467] [Oxidizer], TL8003362, TR-018120, G0164, A828253, I14-3218, 24011-90-3, 52470-25-4, 6609-93-4

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Guanidine, nitrate, Guanidine, nitrate (1:1), 113-00-8 (Parent), CID10481

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