Synthesis of gold

Preparation of gold

Preparation of gold

Preparation of gold

Technical gold (jewelry, coins, etc.) is broken into pieces as small as possible, weighed, placed in a small flask and treated with concentrated hydrochloric acid. The flask is heated, and from time to time concentrated nitric acid is added dropwise. After gold is dissolved the solution is evaporated, until the remaining dark red solution solidifies on cooling. The residue is dissolved in plenty of water, filtered (in order to separate silver chloride). Gold is precipitated from the filtrate by treating with an excess of hot solution of iron(II) chloride (ferrous chloride). The separated gold is decanted, boiled several times with diluted hydrochloric acid, filtered by using an ashless filter and fused in a porcelain crucible in a muffle oven (melting point 1,064° C). In order to facilitate melting process gold could be mixed with borax (sodium borate). In case larger quantities of gold are refined, a little platinum and palladium can be separated from the filtrate with iron or zinc.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 82-83, 1895





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GOLD, Colloidal gold, Gold flake, Gold leaf, Burnish gold, Gold powder, Gold, colloidal, Gold, elemental, Shell Gold, Pigment metal 3, 7440-57-5, Magnesium gold purple, CI Pigment metal 3, (193au)gold, (194au)gold, (199au)gold, Gold-197, C.I. Pigment Metal 3, Gold solution, UNII-79Y1949PYO, Gold colloid, HSDB 2125, EINECS 231-165-9, CI 77480, C.I. 77480, AU, COLLOIDAL GOLD PARTICLES, Gold coated mica, Gold Nanoparticles, auride(1-), Gold, ion(2 ), 79Au, AC1L2N4P, G1402_ALDRICH, G1527_ALDRICH, G1652_ALDRICH, Gold coated glass cover slip, Gold(III) chloride solution, Au(-), Au(0), G1402_SIGMA, G1527_SIGMA, G1652_SIGMA, 207160_ALDRICH, 255734_ALDRICH, 265772_ALDRICH, 265780_ALDRICH, 265799_ALDRICH, 265802_ALDRICH, 265810_ALDRICH, 265829_ALDRICH, 265837_ALDRICH, 268461_ALDRICH, 289779_ALDRICH, 310980_ALDRICH, 326496_ALDRICH, 326518_ALDRICH, 326526_ALDRICH, 326534_ALDRICH, 326542_ALDRICH, 326585_ALDRICH, 326593_ALDRICH, 349240_ALDRICH, 349259_ALDRICH, 349267_ALDRICH, 349275_ALDRICH, 349283_ALDRICH, 349291_ALDRICH, 349305_ALDRICH, 349313_ALDRICH, 373168_ALDRICH, 373176_ALDRICH, 373184_ALDRICH, 636347_ALDRICH, 643254_ALDRICH, 643270_ALDRICH, 02681_FLUKA, 50755_FLUKA, 50755_SIGMA, CHEBI:29287, CHEBI:30030, CHEBI:30050, CTK0H9532, HSDB 8035, MolPort-003-925-258, PCHJSUWPFVWCPO-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 79Y1949PYO, KST-1A1350, KST-1A1463, KST-1A1812, AR-1A0701, AR-1A0702, AR-1A0703, AKOS015902740, GOLD, 99.999%, HSD8035000, RTR-037645, Gold atomic absorption standard solution, LS-73036, TR-037645, 3B4-2165, I14-19619, Gold atomic spectroscopy standard concentrate 1.00 g Au, 15456-07-2, 33019-35-1, 59597-42-1, Au2, Aun

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auride, aurum, gold(0), GOLD ION, GOLD 3+ ION, GOLD (I) CYANIDE ION, CID23985, D006046, 14124-60-8, 14552-81-9, 1602-40-0, 12192-57-3, 13982-20-2, AU3, AUC, or, ORO

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