Synthesis of ethylene

Preparation of ethylene

Alternative Names: ETHYLENE; Ethene; Elayl; Olefiant gas; Acetene; POLYETHYLENE;

Preparation of ethylene from ethyl alcohol and sulfuric acid

Preparation of ethylene from ethyl alcohol and sulfuric acid

Preparation of ethylene from ethyl alcohol and sulfuric acid

To the round bottom flask fitted with dropping funnel and outlet tube mixture of 25 g of alcohol and 150 g of concentrated sulfuric acid is placed. The flask is heated until a steady stream of ethylene gas is evolved. A mixture of 100 g of alcohol and 200 g of concentrated sulfuric acid is then slowly added from a dropping funnel. The evolved gas is led off through a delivery tube in the usual way and is freed from carbon dioxide and sulfurous acid by passing it through potassium hydroxide solution. Ethylene finally dried by passing through concentrated sulfuric acid. The gas can only be liquefied by means of liquid nitrogen.

Preparation of ethylene from ethyl alcohol and orthophosphoric acid

To the round bottom flask 50 ml of orthophosphoric acid with density 1.75 g/ml is heated to 200-220° C. While maintained at this temperature ethyl alcohol is slowly added from a dropping funnel drawn out to a point and reaching right to the bottom of the flask. The ethylene gas is dried by passing through concentrated sulfuric acid. This is the best method of preparing ethylene, and is recommended for use in the preparation of ethylene dibromide.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 40, 1912





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ethene, ethylene

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Ethene, ETHYLENE, Elayl, Olefiant gas, POLYETHYLENE, Acetene, Athylen, Etileno, Liquid ethylene, Bicarburretted hydrogen, Caswell No. 436, 74-85-1, Polyethylene as, Ethylene, pure, Athylen [German], HSDB 168, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 041901, Ethylen, UNII-91GW059KN7, C2H4, CHEBI:18153, VGGSQFUCUMXWEO-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 1,2-ethylene, EINECS 200-815-3, ethan-1,2-diyl, UN1038, UN1962, 9002-88-4, UN 1038, UN 1962, Polyethylene monoalcohol, 33060-30-9, Plastipore, Aethylen, Alkathene, Ambythene, Etherin, Aethen, Hizex, Grex, Liquid ethyene, methylene carbon, Ethylene polymer, Bicolene C, Ethylene polymers, Epolene C, Epolene E, Epolene N, Bakelite DYNH, Carlona PXB, Courlene-X3, Alcowax 6, Aldyl A, Bulen A, Ethylene (8CI), Ethylene, compressed, HI-Fax, Ethene (9CI), Alathon 7140, Alathon 7511, Alithon 7050, Bakelite DFD 330, Alphex FIT 221, Allied PE 617, Bareco polywax 2000, BPE-I, Bralen KB 2-11, Amoco 610A4, Bareco wax C 7500, Bakelite DHDA 4080, AC1L1MA0, AC1O5DW5, VDA0014_FLUKA, Ethene, homopolymer, chlorinated, chlorosulfonated, CH2=CH2, H2C=CH2, Polyethylene as med Mol. Wt., 181900_ALDRICH, 295329_ALDRICH, 332119_ALDRICH, 427772_ALDRICH, 427799_ALDRICH, 427985_ALDRICH, 428019_ALDRICH, 428043_ALDRICH, 428078_ALDRICH, 429015_ALDRICH, 434264_ALDRICH, 434272_ALDRICH, 444472_ALDRICH, 444480_ALDRICH, 536164_ALDRICH, 547999_ALDRICH, CHEMBL117822, 03598_FLUKA, 81219_FLUKA, 81223_FLUKA, 81224_FLUKA, 81226_FLUKA, 81229_FLUKA, 81234_FLUKA, 81236_FLUKA, 81238_FLUKA, 81244_FLUKA, 81246_FLUKA, 81248_FLUKA, 81250_FLUKA, 81252_FLUKA, CTK2H7852, MolPort-001-760-368, SNVLJLYUUXKWOJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 91GW059KN7, CMC_13849, OR1710, AKOS015915514, LS-2175, LS-2296, MCULE-9947181734, AN-23824, FT-0626287, C06547, C19503, R-1150, 14736-EP2275408A1, 14736-EP2284166A1, 14736-EP2289483A1, 14736-EP2289896A1, 14736-EP2292608A1, 14736-EP2295422A2, 14736-EP2298749A1, 14736-EP2316830A2, 14736-EP2371806A1, 14736-EP2371807A1, 14736-EP2371823A1, 14736-EP2377844A2, 16123-EP2281563A1, 16123-EP2308848A1, 16123-EP2316459A1, 38154-EP2272848A1, 38154-EP2301927A1, 38154-EP2311796A1, 38154-EP2311797A1, 38154-EP2311798A1, 38154-EP2311799A1, 38154-EP2374526A1, 73866-EP2270101A1, 73866-EP2289891A2, 73866-EP2308926A1, Ethylene, compressed [UN1962] [Flammable gas], Ethylene, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid), Ethylene, compressed [UN1962] [Flammable gas], Polyethylene (40, 75, 200, 400 mg Cd/kg), I14-54492, I14-114237, Ethylene, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid) [UN1038] [Flammable gas], Ethylene, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid) [UN1038] [Flammable gas], MALDI validation set polyethylene glycol Mp 500-20’000 certified according to DIN, 56453-76-0, 87701-64-2, 87701-65-3

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Polythene, Ethene, homopolymer, HDPE, LDPE, Low Density Polyethylene, Low-Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, High-Density Polyethylene, Polyethylene, Low-Density, Polyethylene, High-Density, Polyethylene, chlorosulfonated, CID6325, c0359, C036216, D020959, 68037-39-8

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