Synthesis of ethylbenzene

Preparation of ethylbenzene

Alternative Names: ETHYLBENZENE; Phenylethane; Benzene, ethyl-; Ethylbenzol; 100-41-4; Ethyl benzene;

Preparation of ethylbenzene

Preparation of ethylbenzene

To the round bottom flask cooled with ice 50 g of bromobenzene and 45 g of ethyl bromide are dissolved in about 100 ml of anhydrous ethyl ether. 25 g of sodium in thin slices or as wire added through a reflux condenser while flask is cooled in ice water bath. The reaction is allowed to stand over-night and the supernatant liquid then decanted from the sodium bromide and unchanged sodium. The traces of the sodium metal in the decanted residue must be carefully  destroyed by adding little to cold water. The ethyl benzene is isolated from the ethereal solution by fractional distillation. It forms a colorless liquid boiling at 134°C.   The yield is about 60%.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 36, 1912





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ETHYLBENZENE, Phenylethane, Benzene, ethyl-, Ethylbenzol, 100-41-4, Ethyl benzene, Aethylbenzol, Ethylbenzeen, Ethylenzene, Etilbenzene, Etylobenzen, NCI-C56393, Ethylbenzeen [Dutch], Etylobenzen [Polish], ETHYL-BENZENE, Aethylbenzol [German], Etilbenzene [Italian], NSC 406903, UNII-L5I45M5G0O, HSDB 84, CCRIS 916, CHEMBL371561, CHEBI:16101, YNQLUTRBYVCPMQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 202-849-4, Ethylbenzene solution, SBB040891, UN1175, EB, AI3-09057, Benzene-d5, ethyl-d5-, Poly(ethylbenzene), Benzene, ethyl-, benzylated, Benzene, ethyl-, homopolymer, Polyethylbenzene, 1-ethylbenzene, benzene, ethenyl, Aromatic hydrocarbons, C12-20, Benzene-1,2,3,4,5-d5, 6-(ethyl-1,1,2,2,2-d5)-, alpha-Methyltoluene, Ethylbenzene polymer, PYJ, .alpha.-Methyltoluene, Ethylbenzene homopolymer, AC1L1OWG, DSSTox_CID_596, SYN, Ethylbenzene [UN1175] [Flammable liquid], DSSTox_RID_75679, DSSTox_GSID_20596, E12508_ALDRICH, WLN: 2R, KSC175K4L, 40036_SUPELCO, 48534_SUPELCO, 48621_SUPELCO, BIDD:ER0246, ACMC-2097q0, ghl.PD_Mitscher_leg0.1024, 296848_ALDRICH, 487104_ALDRICH, 487112_ALDRICH, 551341_ALDRICH, 612065_ALDRICH, L5I45M5G0O, QSPL 092, Aromatic hydrocarbons, C12-2O, 03079_FLUKA, 03080_FLUKA, CTK0H5545, E12508_SIAL, MolPort-016-899-218, 296848_SIAL, EINECS 272-685-6, EINECS 275-055-9, Tox21_201064, ANW-14278, LS-303, NSC406903, STL282714, ZINC00968270, AKOS000120140, DB01722, MCULE-6974188032, NSC-406903, RP18867, UN 1175, NCGC00090768-01, NCGC00090768-02, NCGC00258617-01, 27536-89-6, 68908-88-3, 70955-17-8, CAS-100-41-4, CJ-04647, KB-51518, SC-65218, ZB015539, Ethylbenzene [UN1175] [Flammable liquid], TC-103023, E0064, FT-0626285, FT-0631544, FT-0657875, S0646, ST50214487, AZ0001-0011, 5560-EP2269986A1, 5560-EP2270011A1, 5560-EP2274983A1, 5560-EP2280005A1, 5560-EP2284165A1, 5560-EP2284178A2, 5560-EP2284179A2, 5560-EP2286811A1, 5560-EP2289884A1, 5560-EP2289965A1, 5560-EP2292624A1, 5560-EP2298743A1, 5560-EP2298767A1, 5560-EP2298828A1, 5560-EP2301918A1, 5560-EP2305642A2, 5560-EP2305647A1, 5560-EP2305648A1, 5560-EP2305668A1, 5560-EP2305672A1, 5560-EP2305683A1, 5560-EP2308858A1, 5560-EP2308872A1, 5560-EP2309584A1, 5560-EP2311804A2, 5560-EP2311816A1, 5560-EP2311817A1, 5560-EP2311829A1, 5560-EP2311839A1, 5560-EP2314558A1, 5560-EP2314577A1, 5560-EP2314589A1, 5560-EP2316829A1, 5560-EP2316837A1, 5560-EP2380568A1, C07111, I01-7623, 3B3-081329, InChI=1/C8H10/c1-2-8-6-4-3-5-7-8/h3-7H,2H2,1H, N2B

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Ethenylbenzene, ETHYLCYCLOHEXANE, CID7500, c0116, C004912, 1678-91-7, 25837-05-2, PYL

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