Synthesis of ethyl nitrate

Preparation of ethyl nitrate

Preparation of ethyl nitrate

Preparation of ethyl nitrate

To  the distilling flask 38 g of absolute ethyl alcohol, 6 g of urea, and 60 g of concentrated nitric acid (d=1.4) are placed. Nitric acid before synthesis have been boiled with 0.5 g of urea in order to remove nitrous oxide. The reaction mixture is gently distilled and when about one-third has passed over, additional portion from a dropping funnel of 100 g of concentrated nitric acid (which has likewise been boiled with a gram of urea and subsequently cooled to the room temperature) and 75 g of absolute ethyl alcohol slowly are added. The distillation is continued until nothing more passes over. Ethyl nitrate is purified from acid and alcohol by shaking it three times with water in a separatory funnel, using a double volume of water for the first shaking. The ester is separated from water and dried by standing several hours in contact with granular calcium chloride. Finally, ethyl nitrate is very gently distilled yielding about 40 g of a colorless liquid which boils sharply at 87° C. By allowing larger amounts of the above mixture to drop into the reaction flask, the ethyl nitrate ester may be prepared conveniently in considerable quantity.

Laboratory methods of inorganic chemistry by H. Biltz, 208, 1928


ethyl nitrate



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ethyl nitrate

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ETHYL NITRATE, Nitric ether, Nitric acid, ethyl ester, 625-58-1, nitric acid ethyl ester, Ethylester kyseliny dusicne, UNII-E1ZT886LR5, HSDB 415, Ethylester kyseliny dusicne [Czech], NSC 8826, EINECS 210-903-3, BRN 1700275, AI3-24234, Nitric acid, ethylester, WLN: WNO2, C2H5ONO2, Ex124, AC1L1Z76, E1ZT886LR5, CTK5B5303, IDNUEBSJWINEMI-UHFFFAOYSA-, NSC8826, IDNUEBSJWINEMI-UHFFFAOYSA-N, NSC-8826, AKOS006277934, NA 1993, AN-46829, LS-96720, FT-0626353, InChI=1/C2H5NO3/c1-2-6-3(4)5/h2H2,1H3

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CID12259, 4-01-00-01327 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)

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