Synthesis of ethyl iodide

Preparation of ethyl iodide

The preparation of ethyl iodide is very similar to that of methyl iodide.

Preparation of ethyl iodide

Preparation of ethyl iodide

50 g of iodine are slowly added in small portions to a mixture of 5 g of red phosphorus and 40 g of ethyl alcohol while reaction mixture is cooled with ice-water. When all the iodine is added, the reaction is set aside at the room temperature over-night and then boiled under a reflux for 2 hours. The ethyl iodide is distilled off, washed with dilute sodium hydroxide, and then several times with distilled water, dried with calcium chloride, and redistilled yielding colorless, sweet-smelling oil which boils at 72.3° C. Ethyl iodide gradually acquires a violet color owing to the separation of iodine. Yield of ethyl iodide is 98 %.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 69, 1912





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Iodoethane, ETHYL IODIDE, Ethane, iodo-, Monoiodoethane, 75-03-6, Hydriodic ether, iodo-ethane, Jodethan [Czech], ethyliodide, Ethyljodid, Jodethan, 1-Iodoethane, Ethyljodid [Czech], NSC 8825, HVTICUPFWKNHNG-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 200-833-1, AI3-28593, iodanylethane, iodoethan, ethyl iodine, 2-iodoethane, PubChem21355, 1-IODO-ETHANE, AC1Q2YLN, AC1L1MB9, SCHEMBL5055, C2H5I, KSC491K8L, UNII-59PO05D39L, I7780_SIAL, 04150_FLUKA, 04160_FLUKA, CHEBI:42487, CTK3J1585, NSC8825, MolPort-001-783-754, 59PO05D39L, LTBB002608, NSC-8825, ANW-13588, AR-1J2419, BBL034620, AKOS000119806, MCULE-9405436513, RP21985, RTR-024192, AN-23833, BP-21421, LS-65573, S812, AB0007380, InChI=1/C2H5I/c1-2-3/h2H2,1H, TR-024192, FT-0627264, I0058, 30522-EP2270008A1, 30522-EP2270014A1, 30522-EP2272848A1, 30522-EP2274983A1, 30522-EP2280001A1, 30522-EP2286811A1, 30522-EP2292617A1, 30522-EP2298758A1, 30522-EP2298759A1, 30522-EP2301933A1, 30522-EP2305254A1, 30522-EP2305664A1, 30522-EP2305695A2, 30522-EP2305696A2, 30522-EP2305697A2, 30522-EP2305698A2, 30522-EP2308510A1, 30522-EP2308851A1, 30522-EP2308873A1, 30522-EP2308880A1, 30522-EP2311806A2, 30522-EP2311814A1, 30522-EP2311827A1, 30522-EP2311830A1, 30522-EP2311835A1, 44228-EP2269990A1, 44228-EP2272516A2, 44228-EP2272517A1, 44228-EP2274983A1, 44228-EP2275404A1, 44228-EP2277858A1, 44228-EP2280008A2, 44228-EP2286811A1, 44228-EP2289868A1, 44228-EP2295399A2, 44228-EP2295435A1, 44228-EP2295503A1, 44228-EP2298758A1, 44228-EP2298759A1, 44228-EP2298768A1, 44228-EP2298772A1, 44228-EP2305664A1, 44228-EP2305675A1, 44228-EP2308839A1, 44228-EP2308861A1, 44228-EP2308867A2, 44228-EP2308870A2, 44228-EP2311806A2, 44228-EP2311814A1, 44228-EP2371831A1, 44228-EP2374788A1, 44228-EP2374790A1, 44228-EP2380874A2, A838307, I14-6197

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