Synthesis of ethyl chloride (chloroethane)

Preparation of ethyl chloride

The preparation of ethyl iodide is very similar to that of methyl chloride.

Preparation of ethyl chloride

Preparation of ethyl chloride

To the round bottom flask fitted with properly cooled reflux condenser and gas inlet 100 g of ethyl alcohol and 50 g of anhydrous zinc chloride are placed. The top of reflux condenser is connected to two washing bottles. The first has water and the second concentrated sulfuric acid. Finally apparatus is connected to a cooled flask for condensing the reaction product. A  dry stream of hydrogen chloride gas is passed through the boiling mixture. The vapors of ethyl chloride is washed with water, concentrated sulfuric and condensed in a flask which is cooled with freezing mixture of ice and salt. As ethyl chloride boils at 12° C it must be kept in sealed glass tubes. The yield is almost quantitative.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 71, 1912





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Chemirosa, Cloretilo, Chloraethyl Dr. Henning, Chloride, Ethyl, Chloroethane, Cloretilo Chemirosa, Ern Brand of Ethyl Chloride, Ethyl Chloride, Gebauer Brand of Ethyl Chloride, Gebauer Ethyl Chloride, Gebauer’s Ethyl Chloride, Gebauers Ethyl Chloride, Henning Walldorf Brand of Ethyl Chloride, Ritter Brand of Ethyl Chloride, WariActiv

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Chloroethane, ETHYL CHLORIDE, Ethane, chloro-, Chlorene, Chlorethyl, Anodynon, Chloryl, Cloretilo, Dublofix, Chelen, Ether chloratus, Monochloroethane, Ether muriatic, Muriatic ether, Aethylis chloridum, Chloryl anesthetic, Ether hydrochloric, Monochlorethane, Aethylis, Chloridum, Narcotile, Kelene, Hydrochloric ether, 75-00-3, ethylchloride, Aethylchlorid, Chloorethaan, Chloroaethan, Cloroetano, Ethane, chloro derivs., Ether chloridum, Etylu chlorek, 1-Chloroethane, Cloruro di etile, NCI-C06224, Chlorure D’ethyle, Chloryle anesthetic, Chloroethane solution, CCRIS 3349, HSDB 533, Chloorethaan [Dutch], Cloroetano [Italian], Chloroaethan [German], Aethylchlorid [German], Aethylchloride [German], Etylu chlorek [Polish], C2H5Cl, Chlorure d’ethyle [French], Cloruro di etile [Italian], UNII-46U771ERWK, AI3-24474, CHEBI:47554, HRYZWHHZPQKTII-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 200-830-5, UN1037, UN 1037, 68411-72-3, Chlorinated ethanes, chloranylethane, Aethylchloride, mono-chloroethane, EtCl, 1-Chloroethane #, Ethyl, 1-chloro-, Polychlorinated ethanes, Ethyl chloride (USP), CHLOROETHYL GROUP, 1-CHLORO-ETHANE, AC1L1MB0, 40015_SUPELCO, 48626_SUPELCO, CHEMBL46058, 294802_ALDRICH, 295310_ALDRICH, 338303_ALDRICH, 46U771ERWK, Ethane, chloro- (8CI,9CI), 03344_FLUKA, CTK2H7224, ETHYL HLORIDE (CHLOROETHANE, Chlorinated ethane byproduct residues, EINECS 270-142-8, ETHYL HLORIDE (C HLOROETHANE, ETHYL CHLORIDE (CHLOROETHANE), AKOS000261558, LS-1650, Ethyl chloride [UN1037] [Flammable gas], InChI=1/C2H5Cl/c1-2-3/h2H2,1H, TR-037665, Ethyl chloride [UN1037] [Flammable gas], F 160, FT-0626286, FT-0694900, LT02465195, R 160, C18248, D04088, 199913-EP2277622A1, A838306, 3B4-2651, I14-19639, 16520-13-1, 68583-57-3, 68909-11-5

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WariActiv, Chloride, Ethyl, Cloretilo Chemirosa, Chemirosa, Cloretilo, Gebauer Ethyl Chloride, Gebauers Ethyl Chloride, Chloraethyl Dr. Henning, Gebauer’s Ethyl Chloride, Ern Brand of Ethyl Chloride, Ritter Brand of Ethyl Chloride, Gebauer Brand of Ethyl Chloride, CID6337, c0164, c0890, Henning Walldorf Brand of Ethyl Chloride, D005018, MCE, 10049-04-4

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