Synthesis of eosin disodium salt

Preparation of eosin disodium salt

Preparation of eosin disodium salt

Preparation of eosin disodium salt

In a round bottom flask with 100 ml of 2.5 g of sodium hydroxide dissolved in 10 ml of hot water, with stirring 15 g tetrabromofluorescein were added and heated in a water bath. To this solution 50 ml of ethyl alcohol were added and the mixture heated to reflux. The hot solution is filtered and allowed cool and stand at room temperature for the next day. The crystals of eosin disodium salt were filtered and dried at a temperature of 50-60 ° C.

Препаративная органическая химия, Вульфсон Н.С., 200, 1959 (Preparative organic chemistry, Wolfson N. S., 200, 1959)





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Acid Red 87, C.I. Acid Red 87, Eosin, Eosin (yellowish) (free acid), Eosin Y, Eosine, Eosine Yellowish, Eosine Yellowish-(YS), Eosine Yellowish-(YS), Dipotassium Salt, Eosine Yellowish-(YS), Potassium, Sodium Salt, Tetrabromofluorescein

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Eosin yellowish, Acid red 87, Eosin Y, Eosine, Bromofluorescein, Sodium eosine, Eosine Yellowish, Eosine G, C.I. Acid Red 87, Bromoeosine, Sodium eosinate, Bronze Bromo ES, D and C Red No. 22, Eosine Salt Free, Fenazo Eosine XG, Bromofluoresceic acid, Eosine Lake Red Y, Bromo acid, Bronze Bromo, 17372-87-1, Certiqual Eosine, Eosine S 13, Aizen eosine GH, Bromo Fluorescein, Eosine A, Eosine B, Eosine J, Eosine Y, Eosine w/s, Bromo B, Eosine BS, Eosine DA, Eosine FA, Eosine GF, Eosine OJ, Eosine YB, Eosine YS, Phloxine Toner B, Pure Eosine YY, Toyo Eosine G, Eosine BPC, Bromo FL, Bromo TS, Bromo XX, Eosin YS, Bromo JPS, Bromo X-100, Eosine 3G, Eosine 3Y, Eosine BS-SF, Bromo 4D, UNII-TDQ283MPCW, Bromo 4DC, Bromo 4DL, Hidacid White Bromo, Symuler Eosin Toner, Eosine K Salt Free, D&C Red No. 22, Eosine DWC 73, Hidacid Boiling Bromo, Tetrabromofluorescein soluble, 1903 Yellow Pink, Tetrabromofluorescein D, Tetrabromofluorescein S, D & C Red no. 22, Irgalite Bronze Red CL, CI 45380 (Na salt), Hidacid Eosine Soda Salt, C.I. 45380, CHEBI:52053, Hidacid Bromo acid regular, Hidacid Dibromo Fluorescein, Phloxine Red 20-7600, 2′,4′,5′,7′-Tetrabromofluorescein disodium salt, NSC 2087, Phlox Red Toner X-1354, SBB057302, Benzoic acid, 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-6-hydroxy-3-oxo-3H-xanthen-9-yl)-, disodium salt, Eosine Extra Conc. A. Export, 2,4,5,7-Tetrabromo-3,6-fluorandiol, 11445 Red, 11731 Red, Eosin- Y disodium salt, Eosin-?Y disodium salt, DSSTox_CID_5234, DSSTox_RID_77710, DSSTox_GSID_25234, Bromo acid J. TS, XL, or XX, 548-26-5, Disodium 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-6-oxido-3-oxoxanthen-9-yl)benzoate, disodium 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-6-oxido-3-oxo-3H-xanthen-9-yl)benzoate, Fluorescein, 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetrabromo-, disodium salt (Benzoic acid tautomeric form), 2′,4′,5′,7′-Tetrabromo-3′,6′-dihydroxyspiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H),9- ‘-(9H)xanthen)-3-one, disodium salt, CAS-17372-87-1, NSC667238, Eosin Yellowish (YS), NCGC00166114-02, NCGC00166114-03, Eosin gelblich, disodium 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-3-oxido-6-oxoxanthen-9-yl)benzoate, Ei masculinei Y, disodium 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-3-oxido-6-oxo-xanthen-9-yl)benzoate, Eosin Y Sodium, 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-6-hydroxy-3-oxoxanthen-9-yl)benzoic acid, sodium salt, s odium salt, Eosin Y ws, Cerven kysela 87, Eosin-?Y solution, water-soluble eosin, Spiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H),9′-(9H)xanthen)-3-one, 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetrabromo-3′,6′-dihydroxy-, disodium salt, Spiro[isobenzofuran-1(3H),9′-[9H]xanthen]-3-one, 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetrabromo-3′,6′-dihydroxy-, disodium salt, Water soluble eosin, 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-3-hydroxy-6-oxo-xanthen-9-yl)benzoic acid, EaEthO masculinei 87, Eosin yellowish solution, disodium eosin YS(2-), (1/4)EUOA masculinei, Ei masculineiI cent>>AE, TDQ283MPCW, EAaaO<<(1)a>>AE, dipotassium eosin YS(2-), AC1L1WI8, AC1MC3P9, SCHEMBL1506, CHEMBL411675, E4382_SIAL, E6003_SIAL, 45235_FLUKA, 45235_SIGMA, 45240_FLUKA, 45240_SIGMA, Tetrabromofluorescein Sodium Salt, 15086-94-9 (parent), 318906_SIAL, Tox21_112323, Tox21_302152, AKOS015903636, AKOS016372406, Tox21_112323_1, NCGC00255228-01, AN-18604, AN-23650, CI 45380, LS-38292, M372, FT-0625667, ST50997623, T0037, 7549-EP2277565A2, 7549-EP2277566A2, 7549-EP2277567A1, 7549-EP2277568A2, 7549-EP2277569A2, 7549-EP2277570A2, 7549-EP2292280A1, 7549-EP2298753A1, 7549-EP2308510A1, 7549-EP2311464A1, 7549-EP2314574A1, 7549-EP2316974A1, I14-18336, I14-18436, UNII-1678RKX8RT component SEACYXSIPDVVMV-UHFFFAOYSA-L, dipotassium 2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-3-oxido-6-oxo-6H-xanthen-9-yl)benzoate, 122199-14-8, 12777-83-2, 1340-15-4, 198831-98-0, 2 inverted exclamation marka,4 inverted exclamation marka,5 inverted exclamation marka,7 inverted exclamation marka-EAaaO<<(1)aEO paragraph signthornAAENI, 2′,4′,5′,7′-Tetrabromo-3′,6’-dihydroxyspiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H),9-‘-(9H)xanthen)-3-one, disodium salt, 37361-24-3, 658700-91-5, 84932-33-2, 95917-83-2, Spiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H),9′-(9H)xanthen)-3-one, 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetrabromo-3′,6’-dihydroxy-, sodium salt (1:2)

Removed Synonyms

Eosin, Disodium eosin, Morning red, Dawn red, Tetrabromofluorescein, Eosine K, Eosine GH, Eosin A, Eosin OJ, Fenazo Eoxine XG, Eosine sodium salt, Eosin disodium salt, Water Red 2, Basacid Red 316, Orient Water Red 2, Japan Red 103, Eosine Extra Yellowish, Eosine S13 (bluish), Eosine Yellowish-(YS), Japan Red 230-1, Bromo X 100, Eosin gelblich [German], Red No. 103, Cerven kysela 87 [Czech], UNII-1678RKX8RT, Red No. 230-1, CCRIS 6032, 2,4,5,7-Tetrabromofluorescein, CID11048, EINECS 241-409-6, 2 ,4 ,5 ,7 -Tetrabromofluorescein, Fluorescein, 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetrabromo-, disodium salt, Spiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H),9′-(9H)xanthen)-3-one, 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetrabromo-3′,6′-dihydroxy-, 2Na, Spiro[isobenzofuran-1(3H),9′-[9H]xanthen]-3-one, 2′,4′,5′,7′-tetrabromo-3′,6′-dihydroxy-, sodium salt (1:2)

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