Synthesis of disodium phosphate (disodium hydrogen phosphate)

Preparation of disodium phosphate

Preparation of disodium phosphate

Preparation of disodium phosphate

80 g of calcium phosphate (or 100 grams of bone ash) are mixed in a porcelain evaporating dish with 70 of water and stirred until a thick paste is obtained. 47 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid are added as rapidly as possible without excessive heating. The stirring is continued vigorously until the mixture begins to stiffen. This usually requires from 10 to 15 minutes. Then 500 ml of cold water are added and the obtained paste is stirred until the lumps disappear. The suspension is filtered, washed with 50 ml of cold water. The combined filtrates are treated with anhydrous sodium carbonate (~55-60 grams) in small portions with stirring until the reaction is slightly alkaline and effervescence no longer takes place. The solution is filtered and the filtrate is evaporated to 250 ml. Slowly the crystals of disodium phosphate starts to separate, which are collected, washed with a little amount of distilled water and dried. Disodium phosphate obtained by described method contains twelve molecules of waters and forms disodium phosphate dodecahydrate – Na2HPO4 · 12H2O.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 301-303, 1936


disodium;hydrogen phosphate



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Disodium hydrogen phosphate, DISODIUM PHOSPHATE, Disodium hydrogenorthophosphate, 7558-79-4, Sodium hydrogenphosphate, Dibasic sodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate dibasic, sec-Sodium phosphate, Disodium orthophosphate, Acetest, Soda phosphate, Sodium hydrogen phosphate, Phosphate of soda, Disodium acid orthophosphate, Sodium monohydrogen phosphate, Disodium monohydrogen phosphate, Phosphoric acid, disodium salt, Caswell No. 778, Disodium hydrophosphate, Disodium acid phosphate, Disodium phosphoric acid, disodium hydrogenphosphate, FEMA Number 2398, Natriumphosphat [German], secondary Sodium phosphate, Exsiccated sodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate (NaHPO4), Sodium phosphate, exsiccated, CHEMBL1060, UNII-22ADO53M6F, Disodium phosphate, anhydrous, FEMA No. 2398, CCRIS 5931, HSDB 376, disodium hydrogen(32p)phosphate, Sodium orthophosphate, secondary, Sodium acid phosphate, anhydrous, CHEBI:34683, Sodium phosphate dibasic solution, Disodium hydrogen phosphate solution, EINECS 231-448-7, di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate solution, Phosphoric acid, sodium salt (1:2), Disodium hydrogen phosphate, anhydrous, Sodium phosphate, dibasic (anhydrous), EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 076403, Sodium monohydrogen phosphate (2:1:1), SODIUM PHOSPHATE, DIBASIC, ANHYDROUS, Buffer solution HPCE pH 2.5, Buffer solution HPCE pH 7.0, DSP, Phosphoric acid/di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate solution, Natriumphosphat, disodiumphosphate, Fleet enema, Buffer solution from phosphoric acid/di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate, Disodiumhydrogenphosphate, ACMC-20al4j, Na2HPO4, sodium hydrogen-phosphate, disodiumhydrogen phosphate, AC1Q7DKQ, disodium hydrogen-phosphate, Dinatrii phosphas anhydricus, AC1L2NA5, AC1Q1V1N, di-sodium hydrogen phosphate, Disodiumhydrogenorthophosphate, sodium hydrogen orthophosphate, KSC377C3J, S3264_SIGMA, S3397_SIGMA, S5136_SIGMA, W239901_ALDRICH, 04272_RIEDEL, 04273_RIEDEL, 04276_RIEDEL, 22ADO53M6F, 255793_ALDRICH, 30427_RIEDEL, 30435_RIEDEL, 33651_RIEDEL, Buffer solution HPCE pH 6.5, Buffer solution HPCE pH 7.5, Buffer solution HPCE pH 9.5, S0876_SIAL, S7907_SIAL, S9763_SIAL, 33651_FLUKA, 71629_FLUKA, 71633_FLUKA, 71636_FLUKA, 71636_SIGMA, 71643_FLUKA, 71643_SIGMA, 71649_FLUKA, 71649_SIGMA, 71650_FLUKA, 79629_FLUKA, 82578_FLUKA, 82589_FLUKA, 82591_FLUKA, 82592_FLUKA, 82601_FLUKA, 82603_FLUKA, 82605_FLUKA, 82635_FLUKA, 82636_FLUKA, 82637_FLUKA, 94046_FLUKA, 94046_SIGMA, CTK2H7134, BNIILDVGGAEEIG-UHFFFAOYSA-L, MolPort-003-925-408, 04272_SIAL, 04273_SIAL, 04276_SIAL, 30427_SIAL, 30435_SIAL, 71650_SIAL, AR-1I6590, DNC005135, Buffer solution pH 12.0 (20 C), AKOS015902440, AKOS015950661, LS-1682, RP20708, RTR-024294, Buffer solution pH 12.0 (20 – C), AN-20145, BC667611, KB-50169, SODIUM PHOSPHATE, DIBASIC ANHYDROUS, AB1002927, TR-024294, FT-0625321, C13558, Buffer solution from di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate, 3B4-1945, I14-19659, I14-42870, 1374442-71-3, 148560-76-3

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Sodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate, dibasic, Phosphate standard for IC, Buffer solution HPCE pH 8.5, Buffer solution HPCE pH 9.0, Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate, Sodium phosphate buffer solution, 7632-05-5 (Parent), Sodium phosphate dibasic dihydrate, CID24203, Disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, Sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate, Disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, Phosphate, certified anion standard solution, 10028-24-7, 7782-85-6, 80381-63-1

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