Synthesis of dimethyl sulfate

Preparation of dimethyl sulfate

Dimethyl sulfate is prepared by the action of methyl alcohol on chlorosulphonic acid.

Preparation of dimethyl sulfate

Preparation of dimethyl sulfate

To the round bottom flask fitted with thermometer, dropping funnel and distillation condenser 100 g chlorosulphonic acid and to the dropping funnel 27 g water-free methyl alcohol are placed. The exit tube of the distillation flask is connected with a wash-bottle containing a little sulfuric acid, and the exit from this leads to a second bottle partly filled with water which serves to absorb the hydrochloric acid formed in the reaction. The reaction flask is cooled to — 10° C and then the methyl alcohol allowed to enter from the dropping-funnel. The reaction rate is regulated by addition of MeOH. During the addition of the methyl alcohol, the contents of the flask are repeatedly stirred and maintaining that the temperature does not rise above — 5° C. The reaction takes about 2 hours and then left during the nigh at room temperature. The next day dimethyl sulfate is distilled in vacuum (20 mm Hg). The distillate consists of almost pure product yielding 80% of dimethyl sulfateDimethyl sulfate is a colorless and odorous liquid which boils at 188° C.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 263-264, 1939.


dimethyl sulfate



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dimethyl sulfate, dimethyl sulfate, 3H-labeled, dimethylsulfate

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DIMETHYL SULFATE, Sulfuric acid, dimethyl ester, Dimethyl sulphate, dimethylsulfate, Dimethyl monosulfate, Sulfate dimethylique, Dimethylsulfaat, Dimethylsulfat, Dimetilsolfato, DMS (methyl sulfate), 77-78-1, Dwumetylowy siarczan, Sulfuric acid dimethyl ester, Methyle (sulfate de), Dimethoxysulfone, DimethylSulphate, RCRA waste number U103, Dimethylester kyseliny sirove, Sulfato de dimetilo, Sulfate de dimethyle, Dimethylsulfat [Czech], Methyl sulfate (VAN), Dimethylsulfaat [Dutch], Dimetilsolfato [Italian], Methyl sulfate, Me2SO4, NSC 56194, RCRA waste no. U103, UNII-JW5CW40Z50, CCRIS 265, Dwumetylowy siarczan [Polish], Sulfate dimethylique [French], Sulfate de dimethyle [French], Sulfato de dimetilo [Spanish], HSDB 932, Methyle (sulfate de) [French], CHEBI:59050, VAYGXNSJCAHWJZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 201-058-1, Dimethylester kyseliny sirove [Czech], UN1595, BRN 0635994, AI3-52118, DSSTox_CID_4055, DSSTox_RID_77271, DSSTox_GSID_24055, CAS-77-78-1, 139443-72-4, dimethyl-sulfate, dirnethyl sulfate, Sulfate de methyle, dimethylsulfuric acid, dimethyl sulfuric acid, ACMC-20p1dz, DMSO4, DI-METHYL SULFATE, Me2SO4, AC1L1MNU, AC1Q4GF6, SCHEMBL1249, WLN: 1OSWO1, C2H6O4S, Sulphuric acid dimethyl ester, D186309_ALDRICH, 320293_ALDRICH, CHEMBL162150, JW5CW40Z50, 41610_FLUKA, CTK7B4396, D186309_SIAL, MolPort-000-871-938, 41610_SIAL, LTBB002571, NSC56194, Tox21_202032, Tox21_300636, BBL034656, NSC-56194, STL264200, AKOS000119929, Dimethyl sulfate [UN1595] [Poison], LS-1714, MCULE-2861298645, UN 1595, Dimethyl sulfate [UN1595] [Poison], NCGC00248118-01, NCGC00248118-02, NCGC00254411-01, NCGC00259581-01, AN-23921, BP-21324, 123-EP2274983A1, 123-EP2281820A2, 123-EP2284157A1, 123-EP2292624A1, 123-EP2298754A1, 123-EP2301536A1, 123-EP2301538A1, 123-EP2301925A1, 123-EP2308861A1, 123-EP2311455A1, 123-EP2311806A2, 123-EP2311824A1, 123-EP2311830A1, 123-EP2314582A1, 123-EP2316452A1, 123-EP2374790A1, 123-EP2377849A2, D0797, FT-0625157, C19177, 3B4-3163, I09-0482, InChI=1/C2H6O4S/c1-5-7(3,4)6-2/h1-2H, 62086-97-9, 98478-67-2

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Methyl sulfate, dimethyl sulfate, 3H-labeled, CID6497, 4-01-00-01251 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), C007482, DMS

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