Synthesis of diazotetrazole

Preparation of diazotetrazole

Diazotetrazole could be prepared by diazotization of 5-aminotetrazole.

Preparation of diazotetrazole

Preparation of diazotetrazole

5 grams of 5-aminotetrazole are dissolved in 30 ml of water containing 6 ml of 25% sodium hydroxide solution. To this solution 3.4 grams of sodium nitrite and 170 grams of crushed ice are added while the reaction flask is cooled with a salt-ice bath.  Slowly from dropping funnel 16 ml 30% of cold hydrochloric acid are added by not allowing the temperature to exceed 0° C. By the end of the diazotization the color of the solution becomes greenish. Diazotetrazole is very sensitive as even solution with greater concentration than 6-7% at 0° C decomposes explosively.

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5-diazo-1H-tetrazole, 5-diazo-1H-tetrazole chloride, 5-diazo-1H-tetrazole hydroxide, diazonium-1H-tetrazole

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2h-tetrazole-5-diazonium, Diazonium-1H-tetrazole, AC1L4MKJ, AC1Q4PVJ, 1H-Tetrazole-5-diazonium, CTK1A4057, AR-1E2165

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5-Diazo-1H-tetrazole, CID188312, 2260-28-8, 2562-38-1

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