Synthesis of chromium (III) acetate

Preparation of chromium (III) acetate

Preparation of chromium (III) acetate

Preparation of chromium (III) acetate

Twenty-five grams of potassium dichromate (or 17g of chromium(VI) oxide) are dissolved in 500ml of water. Sulfur dioxide is bubbled into the solution until reduction to the trivalent state is complete, as indicated by the pure green color of the liquid with no trace of yellow. The solution is then boiled to remove excess sulfur dioxide. Alternatively, the reduction may be carried out by adding the chromium(VI) compound to a mixture of 420ml of water and 80ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid and then adding 35ml of ethyl alcohol. The reduced solution is boiled as directed to remove excess alcohol and acetaldehyde (oxidation product). The solution of chromic salt is heated to boiling and stirred continuously while concentrated ammonia water is added slowly from a tap funnel or burette. About 40ml are required to give a slight excess of the reagent. Avoid adding too much ammonia because chromium tends to form complex ammines. The precipitated chromium(III) hydroxide is suction filtered on a large Buchner funnel and washed thoroughly with three 100ml portions of boiling water. It is then transferred, while still moist, to an evaporating basin and dissolved in about 100ml of glacial acetic acid. The solution is evaporated (hood) almost to dryness over a very small flame, care being taken to stir the mass frequently towards the end of the operation. Finally, the obtained crystals are left in the desiccator.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 82-83, 1962





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Chromium acetate, Chromium(III) acetate, CHROMIC ACETATE, chromium(3+) triacetate, 1066-30-4, Chromium (III) acetate, Chromium triacetate, Chromic(III) acetate, Chromium acetate (Cr(AcO)3), CAC 10, CCRIS 9125, HSDB 985, Acetic acid, chromium(3+) salt, EINECS 213-909-4, Acetic acid, chromium(3+) salt (3:1), Chromic acetate [Chromium and chromium compounds], chromium(3+) ion triacetate, 17593-70-3, chromic triacetate, DSSTox_CID_327, Chromium acetate hydroxide, chromium(3+) triethanoate, Acetic acid, chromium salt, AC1L22XQ, DSSTox_RID_75515, DSSTox_GSID_20327, UNII-7W6DL7H397, Trisacetic acid chromium(III), CCRIS 6345, WYYQVWLEPYFFLP-UHFFFAOYSA-K, 7W6DL7H397, Acetic acid, chromium salt, basic, LTBB002763, EINECS 241-562-9, EINECS 254-447-3, Tox21_202498, AKOS015918320, LS-7277, NCGC00091945-01, NCGC00260047-01, AN-48361, IN000868, CAS-1066-30-4, TR-001320, A801474, 3B4-3896, I14-7963

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Europium metavanadate, Chromium acetate, basic, CID14012, 39430-51-8

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